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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

February 28, 2007 (Draft, Subject to Change)

Present: Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Tom Spruce, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall, and Donna Thorburn, Alternate.

Attending public: Joan Strout, Lucia Michielli, Nancy Pochan, Kathy DeFusco, Ken Smith, Willem Brutsaert

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 .

  1. Carol Korty read the minutes of January 31, 2007 , which were approved with minor corrections, by a vote of 4 to 0.
  2. Recycling Committee – Donna Thorburn said she would wait until later, under item 8. Two questions were asked: 1. Does the transfer station still accept colored glass? Yes, without metal lids. 2. Can only white paper be recycled? No, colored paper is acceptable. Nancy Pochan brought a compost bin and a scrap bucket and described their use to the Commission and attending public. Lynda TW informed them that she had sent an article with photo to the Ellsworth American, and had been told it would appear in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Freshwater Initiative Update – Some time ago John Peckenham was to have sent out a press release announcing New England Grassroots Environmental Fund's (NEGEF) grant for Lamoine's Freshwater Initiative. Carol K will prepare one and submit it to the Conservation Commission for comment. She also suggested a press release for the well tests the school has completed. She will talk to Bob P. about it. Carol K. and Bob P. had looked at the map and photos of a flyover done a few years ago by The Lamoine Alliance for Water to try to identify gravel pits. Carol also called DEP regarding grandfathered pits. She asked if they have a record of all the pits; what are owner's responsibilities when they apply for a 3-year permit on an activated grandfathered pit. The following LCC members will be away the next couple of months:

Bangor Hydro – Antonio Blasi of Hancock was concerned about BH's cutting v. spraying commitment, but Carol was able to reassure him. He also requested copies of minutes of our monthly meetings. Carol will direct him to our web site where they can be downloaded.

The Arbor Day trees planting suggestion was meant for next year, not 2007.


  1. Planning Board or Selectfolk concerns – None mentioned.
  2. Listening to the concerns of those attending – K. Smith mentioned an article that appeared in today's Bangor Daily News that may cause readers to misinterpret the purpose of the warrants the LCC was sponsoring at town meeting. Others present said the word “recreation” did not accurately describe LCC's intent, which is to conserve land for the benefit of all townspeople to have shore access, preserve cherished sites and beautiful views, and have open space for enjoyment. Fred S. did not believe the article was detrimental.
  3. Conservation fund warrant articles – Fred intends to use the Long Range Planning Committee survey as the base for our request for support. He will emphasize shore access, and we will point out that the Budget Committee had indicated its support for the two warrants at a meeting he and Lynda TW attended in December.
  4. Land Conservation award – Fred showed the framed letter and the plaque we will present to Doug and Beverly Coleman. The presentation will be made just before official town meeting begins. A press release will be ready to be sent to Ellsworth American on Monday morning. Lynda will take a picture of Colemans receiving their award.

Suggestion: Have two frames, one permanently placed at town hall. Intent is for letter (and plaque) to be displayed at town hall for a year, to be replaced by a new winner's letter. Fred will be reimbursed for the cost of plaque, plate and frame.

  1. Priorities for LCC in 2007 - All LCC members and the attending public were asked to give suggestions.

Tom: Must have a means available for people to donate money for the purpose of preserving land.

Donna Theall:

  1. Concerned about the spread of Poland Springs mining water from various towns, and the danger of commercial entities “sucking us dry.” Water is now the “oil of the 21 st century,” and we must preserve it.
  2. Al Gore's PowerPoint presentation to awaken everyone to the issues of global warming and its repercussions.


  1. Need ordinances for an aquifer protection zone – extraction controls (commercial).
  2. Intertidal zone – what control does Lamoine have?
  3. Continue looking into grandfathered gravel pits.
  4. Continue the Get Wet! program for the students at Lamoine, Ellsworth and hopefully Hancock.


  1. Intertidal zone –mussels, sand dollars, urchins gone on Skillings. Fewer ducks and loons.
  2. Blunt's Pond – preserve its value to the town.
  3. Concern about placement of salt shed – not over aquifer.


  1. Carbon emissions reduction.
  2. Comprehensive Plan. Cost? Grant funding?
  3. Land conservation survey.
  4. Look into possibility of sewer extension from Ellsworth along Buttermilk Road . Other options.


  1. Aquifer protection against commercial extraction.
  2. Intertidal protection – perhaps research Bill Pinkham and Jill Goldthwait's bill several years ago; ask Rob Eaton to support this; check with Steve Perrin re hearing of Taunton Bay.

Nancy :

  1. Outreach to get the community involved – barbecue, picnic, geocaching, treasure hunt – perhaps jointly with Parks Commission.
  2. Get funding for LCC activities.


  1. The state has established storm water management regulations (effective November 16, 2005 and revised in 2006), which applies primarily to commercial and residential developments. Is Lamoine compatible with them?
  2. Need to look into low impact development. Establish a baseline of how much runoff is acceptable. It should have no impact.


  1. Trails map for Lamoine.

Donna Thorburn:

  1. Continue recycling efforts. Check other towns for signs about recycling.


  1. To address Carol and Joan's concerns, it may be possible to enact an ordinance to limit bottlers' aquifer withdrawals to sustainable levels based on land area under their ownership or easements under their control and seasonal rainfall.

Lamoine Conservation Commission will renew efforts to design a logo.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 .

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on March 14, 2007 , by a vote of 3 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair