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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

March 14, 2007

The meeting, which was televised over closed circuit cable.

Present: Fred Stocking, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall.

Attending public: Nancy Pochan, Kathy DeFusco, Ken Smith, Don Bamman, John and Susa Wuorinen. Chris Tadema-Wielandt was the closed circuit cable operator.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 .

  1. Donna Theall read the minutes of February 28, 2007 , which were approved with minor corrections, by a vote of 3 to 0.
  2. Recycling Committee – Nancy Pochan stated that 11 compost bins have been ordered, and maybe two more will be added. She will need volunteers for the date of distribution, May 12. Joan Strout and Lynda TW will help. The deadline to order the bins is April 2, and they must be paid for ahead of time. Residents of other towns may participate in Lamoine's offer.
  3. Freshwater Initiative Update – Neither Carol K. nor Bob P. were present. No report had been given to the Chair.
  4. Planning Board (PB) or Selectfolk concerns – Lynda TW attended the Planning Board meeting of 3/13. Bangor Hydro (BH) was present to ask about PB requirements for their application. The PB said that BH's project came under existing ordinances in “Other Land Use.” The PB will need a site plan review and will require a commercial application. The groundwater protection issues have already been addressed. BH has submitted the PUC application, and this week will submit to DEP and Army Corps of Engineers. They are next working on their application to Lamoine, Trenton , Hancock and Ellsworth. They estimate the project will be completed in late 2008. On other agenda matters, the PB mentioned 1) that there is a Comprehensive Planning grant available. It will be given to the Long Range Planning Committee. 2) Grandfathered gravel pits that are renewed are required to meet present day ordinances - the grandfathering goes away at renewal. 3) When asked if Lamoine is compatible with the newly revised stormwater regulations of the State, the PB stated that they require the applicant to comply with state regulations.
  5. Listening to the concerns of those attending – Susa Wuorinen suggested that everyone should test their wells on a regular basis. She asked if LCC would write up something to put on Lamoine's website suggesting and supporting this endeavor. She offered to prepare a “How To. . .” leaflet to help residents understand the cost, where to send the sample, etc. Donna Theall suggested pH and salinity tests should be included. A radon test was also suggested because of the prevalence of granite bedrock in Lamoine. Ken S. indicated that he heard a news report regarding the State reducing its recommended indoor air radon level from 4 to 2 picocuries/Liter.
  6. Review of conservation fund warrant articles – They passed! It was a clear statement by the residents that this is important to them.
  7. Review of Land Conservation award – It was very well received by those present, and Doug and Beverly Coleman were very gracious. Next time we will have the recipients come to the middle of the front of the room so everyone can see.
  8. Continuation of Priorities for 2007 discussion – Fred will focus on the Aquifer Protection Ordinance and will continue to work with the land conservation group. Don B. suggested we continue our recycling efforts. Nancy P. suggested to take this endeavor to the schools to make the children aware of the need to recycle, and to give an award to the child who comes up with an interesting way of using recycled items. Concern expressed by Chris TW about disposal of the compact fluorescent light bulbs that the State is recommending we all use. They contain small amounts of mercury and need to be disposed of as universal waste. It needs to be taken to Coastal Recycling. Suggested that an article be put in the Lamoine Quarterly regarding this issue.
  9. Possibility of Joint Fundraiser? May have a joint fundraiser together with the Lamoine Historical Society in August. Donna Thorburn suggested we invite the Parks Commission to our April meeting to discuss a possible joint fundraiser with them.
  10. Plan for April and May meetings – speaker? - Someone suggested Allan Caron or Mark Lapping to speak on greenhouse gas emissions. Belfast has an Energy and Climate Committee that is looking into improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lynda will look into possibility of having Jim Wilfong of H20for Me come speak to us in May about protecting our aquifer and water resources from commercial overdevelopment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 .

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on April 11, 2007 , by a vote of 3 to 0 .

/S/ Fred Stocking, Chair