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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

September 12, 2007

Commission members present: Fred Stocking, Chair, Donna Theall, Carol Korty and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Alternates present: Nancy Pochan and Joan Strout

Attendees: Lucia Michielli and Donna Thorburn of the Recycling Committee; Kerry Galeaz and Christa Brey of the Parks Commission; Georgia Munsell, Ken Smith, Willem Brutsaert, Kathy DeFusco,

The meeting began at 7:02 p.m. It was transmitted over closed circuit TV.

      1. Membership – We still have one empty seat on the Conservation Commission.
      2. Consideration of Minutes – Tabled for now.
      3. Roadside Cleanup – Georgia Munsell gave a report on this year's cleanup, which was very successful, and presented suggestions for next year's endeavor.
        1. The map will be redone and folks can sign up to clean the major roads. There is a need for more volunteers, particularly on Pinkham flats.
        2. A contest to see who collects :

        i. The most disgusting,

        ii. the largest,

        iii. The most unusal.

        The winners will each receive an attractive plant.

    1. An article will appear in each of the next Lamoine Quarterly s requesting volunteers.
    2. “Adopt A Highway” suggested for Lamoine based on Georgia 's research. Four areas are being considered for the program, each about 2 miles: 1. From General Store along Douglas Highway to Route 1 ; 2. From town line on Mud Creek Rd. along Partridge Cove Rd. to Walker Road; 3. From General Store along Route 184 to Mill Rd; 4. From town line on Jordan River Rd. along Route 204 to Mud Creek Road. Each group or business or individual is expected to sign up for two years and to clean twice a year. A sign with the volunteer's name will be placed at each of the designated areas. We need to find out costs of making and installing the signs.

A motion was made and seconded to support the implementation of an “ Adopt A Highway ” program for Lamoine. The vote was unanimous, 4 to 0 with much appreciation for Georgia 's continuing work in this area.

  1. Intertidal Subcommittee Update – Annie Crisafulli has volunteered to be temporary chair of the group. She and Joan Strout will call the people who showed interest in participating to set up a meeting. They will gather information about clamming practices in Lamoine. There is apparently a large file at Town Hall.

Regarding cleanups of pollution, Tom Martin of Hancock County Planning Commission (HCPC) suggests that grants are available for cleanups. He also said that HCPC is doing a study on failing septic systems.

5. Freshwater Initiative – Carol Korty spoke with John Peckenham about November's program. He will get back to us to firm up a date. Marti Dayton is available. Teresa Thornton will have a session on Friday, October 26 for teacher training.

The Conservation Commission is invited by the George Mitchell Center to attend a talk by George Mitchell at the Hauck Auditorium on September 27 at 1:30.

6. Fred Stocking introduced Kerry Galeaz and Christa Brey of the Parks Commission. Kerry identified three locations in Lamoine: Bloomfield Park at Blunts Pond and a portion of Marlboro Beach , all owned by the Town; and Lamoine Beach , which is leased by the Town from the State for $1.

Kerry and Christa described improvements the Commission would like for each of the areas.

Bloomfield Park at Blunt's Pond : Change the entrance road to provide more privacy for Stuart Branch's property; expand the size, add more sand to the beach ( which the DEP reports would require a huge application and would be very expensive. ). Suggestions: obtain accurate head count of users, buy containers for cigarette butts, check port-a-potty needs, identify weeds in water. Add a gravel path from Asa's Lane along the road into Bloomfield Park . Reclaim trails. Clear and groom woods. Lamoine has 200' of shore. “It would be neat to have a path around the pond.” Discussion of land acquisition by the Town of the piece of land between Bloomfield Park and the plot leased to the Snowmobile Club. A survey of the parcel would need to be done – the Maine Community Foundation may be a grant resource for the survey.

Lamoine Beach : There are seven shore lots owned by the State that are part of Lamoine Beach . Very wet in that area. The Parks Commission members have painted stripes in parking lot, added handicapped parking and repaired a path for wheelchairs. They have also expanded parking for trailers and overflow vehicles and have added a bike rack. It is now mowed and will have a sign. They have painted picnic tables, garbage cans, bathroom signs and planted flowers.

Discovered people drive onto the beach – will put up a sign and big boulders to prevent it continuing. Fishermen are allowed to cross the beach. The Commission wants to reclaim an old, unused roadbed, which goes nowhere. The boat ramp is in disrepair. It is good for deepwater access. Because it belongs to the State, access to it is open to everyone – residents or not.

Marlboro Beach : Located a t the mouth of Raccoon Cove, which is a recognized bird habitat that needs to be protected. Only one acre of the beach is owned by the Town. The rest is owned by the Norrises, who kindly allow residents access. Perhaps it should come under Conservation rather than Parks. Maybe swap the acre for one that works better for recreation.

Carol Korty mentioned 14 acres near the transfer station that belong to the Town. A cell tower is under consideration for that area, but there would still be room for a park. It is one of the highest points in Lamoine with an excellent view of Frenchman Bay .

9. Bangor Hydro Electric – a motion was made and seconded and amended to request Bangor Hydro use only steel poles throughout Lamoine and that they use no herbicides on or near the aquifer. Approved unanimously. Carol Korty will draft a letter for Fred to sign .

10. Donna Theall will talk with Stu Markoon about an article in the Lamoine Quarterly regarding the Conservation Award.

There being no time to address the remaining items, the Commission will meet on September 18 at 4 p.m. at Town Hall to finish the agenda.


The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Reviewed and accepted on November 14, 2007 by a vote of __ to __.

Fred Stocking, Chair