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Minutes of November 14, 2007

Present for the board were Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Donna Theall, Bob Pulver

In attendance were: Nancy Pochan, Annie Crisafuli, Willem Brutsaert , Don Bamman, Kathy DeFusco, Lolly Lovett and Joan Strout.

The meeting began at 7:04 pm

Fred mentioned that the conservation bond had passed by a wide margin.

Georgia Munsell will come to the December meeting to talk about the adopt-a-highway program.

Review of Minutes

Minutes of 9/12/2007 were read. Carol motioned to accept. Donna 2 nd 'ed. Approved by a vote of 3-0.

Minutes of 9/18/2007 were read. Donna motioned to accept. Fred 2 nd ed. Approved by a vote of 3-0.

Carol said she'd heard that Donna Thorburn had resigned from the LCC Board at the November 8 th Selectboard meeting. Bob Pulver has moved from an alternate to full member. Donna had not notified the LCC Board of her resignation, but Kathy DeFusco obtained the minutes from that meeting and her resignation was in the minutes. Lolly Lovett was appointed an associate. We need two more alternates since Bob Pulver is now a full member. Nancy will speak to Stu about becoming an alternate. The difference between an alternate and an associate is an alternate has voting rights and can fill in for a full member if needed to make a quorum. An associate assists with LCC business, but cannot vote.

Intertidal Zone

Bob Pulver attended a meeting on eelgrass. Dr. Jane Disney and Dr. George Kidder were the presenters about a project where students replanted eelgrass at Hadley Point. Bob suggested this would be a good project for the Lamoine school which we may want to sponsor. Fred said that Jane has adapted lake water testing models to oceans. The information is available on the MDI Biological Lab website -

Carol attended a presentation on November 8 th given by Ted Ames, a McArthur Grant award recipient. Mr. Ames is studying the Gulf of Maine marine life, lobsters in particular. He is a former fisherman. His findings show that lobsters now comprise 76% of the sea life in the Gulf of Maine . This level is not sustainable or balanced. The primary reason for the increase in lobster population has been the crash of the cod fishery – since the cod no longer feed on baby lobsters. Cod fishing collapsed in the 1990's. Trawling is detrimental as it decimates the smaller fish hatcheries so fish do not have an opportunity to grow. Fish populations have crashed, in large part due to over-fishing. Lobsters, on the other hand, are managed differently: website was mentioned. Its mission is to protect fishing grounds. Ranching may provide a good model for fishing, as the rule is, “How many cattle per acre” can be supported? Canada has useful rules that are not being followed. Discussion ensured about what we could to do protect our local marine environment. We could promote programs for eelgrass, water quality, etc. or public could protest and raise issues to legislative level. Possibly a town ordinance, like Gouldboro's Shellfish Ordinance.

Conservation Summit

Bar Harbor and LCC were about the only conservation commissions to attend the meeting. Fred was astounded at the amount of information that is available for the taking. He said what we need is a centralized website – like a clearinghouse for all available information. Fred was able to connect with a COA student (via Isabel Mancinelli who was at the meeting) who would be willing to work on this project.

Carol and Willem attended a meeting hosted by the Union River Watershed Coalition. URWC has a new director – Elsie Flemings. Andrew Fisk – DEP Bureau of Land and Water Quality was the speaker. He discussed the new rules that are effective as of August, 2007 which govern how water is to be removed from the ground. The rules are on the “Honor System” for compliance. The rules also set water quality standards. Lamoine needs to monitor development around the aquifer and assess mpacts of extraction.

Recycling Committee Update

Nancy Pochan and Lucia Michielli are the remaining members on the Recycling committee. She will put an article in the Lamoine Quarterly regarding Composting bins and to ask for volunteers to join the committee. Fred will send an email requesting members. Nancy said it would be good to have people at the transfer station for bin distribution. Bob suggested we engage a Composting expert from the Coop Extension to provide information and education the day the bins are handed out. There will be no extension on the cut-off date for sale of compost bins.

Freshwater Initiative/Get Wet

The November presentation was postponed. A meeting, hosted by Teresa Thornton, will be held on the Get Wet program on November 30, 2007 with Carol, Bob, Teresa, John Peckinham and the teachers. Carol and Bob will report back with more details and we will plan for a “Get Wet' presentation in January 2008.

Planning Board and Select folk

Carol mentioned that there were gravel pits coming up for renewal at the next Planning Board meeting. She will attend the 12/4 meeting.

Bangor Hydro

Carol wrote a letter, as per previous meeting, requesting that BHE use only metal poles to string the new line. Fred sent the letter and received a response, which stated basically – it's too late, materials have been purchased and that type of change cannot be made. Willem asked what BHE will use for poles – the letter states they will use wood poles treated with pentachlorphenol. Willem stated that he didn't think that chemical breaks down readily in soil.

LCC Award

Three nominations were received. Fred asked if we could nominate posthumously. All agreed we could. Fred brought up some ideas for future nominations to keep in mind: Conservation professionals, lab workers, teachers, people who donate to environmental causes. Selection of the award winner will be made at the December meeting.

Future Schedule/Planning

Peter Lord of the Island Astronomy Institute would like to come to a meeting to discuss light pollution. We will plan that for the January meeting. Fred suggested a meeting on global warming, possibly a joint meeting with Bar Harbor CC – need to figure out what the best location would be for maximum attendance. Some possible presenters were mentioned: Ted Koffman, Bob Kates, Town of Belfast for their carbon foot printing program.

Suggestions – to be firmed up at our December meeting.

Budget Committee – Framework meeting 10 December – Fred will attend. Capital projects will be funded. We must ask for money to fund the Land Conservation fund and get that on the town warrant so it may be voted on. We will ask for $2,000 if we can match it, else $1,000 will be requested.

Logo contest is a future topic for discussion

The meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm

Respectfully submitted by Donna Theall.

Reviewed and accepted on December 12, 2007 by a vote of 4 to 0.

/s/ Fred Stocking, Chair