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Minutes of December 12, 2007

Commission members present: Fred Stocking, Chair, Donna Theall, Carol Korty and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Associates present: Joan Strout , Lolly Lovett

The meeting began at 7:05 p.m.

  1. Membership – Nancy Pochan had offered to be an alternate but was not present. Bob Pulver is now a full member.
  2. Consideration of Minutes – November minutes were read and it was voted 4 – 1 to accept with a few revisions.
  3. Intertidal Zone organizing – Annie Crisafulli was not present and Joan Strout reported that there had been no meeting due to inclement weather. It will be rescheduled. Carol Korty reported on 2 lectures lecture she attended at MDI Biolabs Ted Ames' presentation re condition of fish and lobster resources in the Gulf of Maine and Hillary Nickles' presentation on eel grass conditions in and around Frenchman Bay. Nickles said that dragging causes more damage than natural conditions or any other type of fishing to the ecosystems, which take 11 years to recover from the day dragging has stopped. In fact, areas where dragging stopped 8 years ago are only 1/3 recovered. Carol gave the materials she gathered at the lectures to Joan Strout.
  4. Recycling Committee Update – Tabled. No one present to report. Lynda TW offered to write an article for the Lamoine Quarterly with photo about 2008's composting bins and scrap buckets.
  5. Freshwater Initiative Update – Carol Korty reported upcoming activities by Teresa Thornton and John Peckenham during the month of January. On January 15 there will be well testing by the students in Lamoine, and on March 12th at 7 PM the GET WET! data update will be presented in a public meeting at the Lamoine school . Donna Theall asked about Water Awareness Week that was mentioned last summer. We remembered discussing at the time well-testing suggestions for residents, conservation, and suggestions for commercial extraction ordinance.
  1. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns – Mike Garrett mentioned that a committee may be formed to update the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Board needs guidelines for long range planning. He asks the Conservation Commission to send a letter to the Planning Board indicating four major concerns that we feel should be addressed. Fred will prepare this next week.
  2. Listening to Concerns of those Attending – Fred brought up his wish to have the information the LCC obtains and the work we are doing be more readily and easily available to the residents of Lamoine. There is also a desire to find a way to share information regarding issues like growth, spills, scientific data, etc. with residents and interested parties.
  3. MEACC (Maine Association of Conservation Commissions) Dedham Meeting; logo –Meeting was attended by Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Hampden, Holden, and Veazie Conservation Commissions. The last three being mostly involved with recreation and open space planning. Bar Harbor ConsCom, interested in dark skies issues, has suggested a light pollution abatement ordinance for the towns around Frenchman Bay . We are joining MEACC for one year for $100 and will see if it's worth renewing and will ask our Planning Board to pay this fee for us, since LCC has no budget from the Town. At the MEACC meeting, Fred asked Anne Wheeler of Bar Harbor 's CC if she'd design a logo for LCC, as she is an artist. She said she'd give some thought to his offer to barter by offering a Lamoine performance of a 10 minute play!
  4. Adopt A Highway Proposal – Georgia Munsell was not in attendance but Fred Stocking read her proposal which was enthusiastically endorsed. The proposal called for volunteers to commit to picking up roadside trash along an assigned one mile stretch of a Lamoine road twice a year for a two year period. A motion was made to adopt Georgia 's proposal, seconded, and passed 4-0. Lynda TW, in Georgia 's absence, will write a letter to the Selectmen requesting their approval of the Adopt-A-Highway program and funds to buy and install signs.
  5. Lamoine Conservation Award, 2007 – Four names were mentioned and voted on. (The Rev.) Sam Holt, who was instrumental in initiating the 1983 Gerber Study of Lamoine's sand and gravel aquifer , was posthumously given the Conservation Award. His son, (The Rev.) John Holt, will be asked to receive the award in his father's name at the Annual Town Meeting.
  6. At our next meeting on January 9, 2008, we have invited Peter Lord of the Island Astronomy Institute to speak to us about dark skies and light pollution. Carol Korty will ask him for a bio. Donna Theall will submit press releases to the papers and radio stations.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Reviewed and accepted on February 13, 2007 by a vote of 4 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair