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Minutes of February 13, 2008

Present for the Commission were: Fred Stocking, Chair, Carol Korty, Donna Theall, Bob Pulver and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt

Alternates: Nancy Pochan and Annie Crisafulli

Others in attendance: Willem Brustsaert.

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

  1. Minutes of December 12, 2007 were read, voted on, and unanimously approved with some corrections.
  2. Freshwater Initiative – Carol Korty spoke with John Peckenham regarding his financial needs for the program. He has enough funding for this and next year, but he would like “a couple of thousand dollars” to hire a graduate student to help. The LCC would like to get funding to ensure that the GET WET! program continues for at least five years, preferably more. Discussion on the upcoming (3/12/08) GET WET! presentation ensued regarding location, who to invite, and who will participate. Fred Stocking reported that the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone Amendment has been reviewed by a number of people who have made excellent suggestions and very positive comments about its contents. Among them, Willem Brutsaert, Ken Smith, Terry Towne, Mike Garrett, Dennis Ford and members of the Conservation Commission. The next step is to finalize the language and approve the APOZ and submit it to the Selectmen and the Planning Board; therefore, the process must be started fairly soon. A review began of the changes, but because of lack of time, it was decided to meet again to finish the review and approve the ordinance if no major issues arise, on February 27 at 5:30 at Town Hall.
  3. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns – No one present.
  4. Listening to the concerns of those attending – Nancy Pochan mentioned a call from Antonio Blasi regarding his concerns about a gravel pit that is being reopened near the northwest corner of the aquifer. In fact, it was mentioned that the pit does not affect the aquifer. Nancy also mentioned a BBC program that stated that plastic bags do the worst damage to the environment. People were encouraged to reduce their plastic bag use by half at least. Nancy was asked to write an article for the Lamoine Quarterly.

    Carol Korty – attended a meeting of Friends of Taunton Bay held at the Franklin Town Hall on Feb 5th in which a variety of harvesters are thrashing out an agreement with Department of Marine Resources that will regulate the issuing of licenses and harvesting quotas for people working in that Bay.  One person present who impressed her was Barbara Arter, a professional facilitator who has worked with a variety of harvesters.  As a private consultant, she worked out a Taunton Bay Management Plan with clammers and wormers.  Should LCC ever wish to make use of her services, we could contact her at < > or 546-2018.  Her company is BSA Environmental Consulting in Steuben.

    Bar Harbor Conservation Commission is moving ahead with participation in the “Cool Cities” initiative. (Cool Cities is a Sierra Club endeavor.)

    March 27 – Community Planning and Development Workshop. Laudholm Farm. Wells, ME.

    MDI Water Quality Coalition (MDIWQC) - whose outreach program has grown to include a dozen teachers and over 400 students on Mount Desert Island are having great difficulty in getting grants. However, MDI Biolabs is funding the program and Dr. George Kiddder is applying for grants.  Dr. Jane Disney has asked Carol Korty if LCC will write a letter to support their eelgrass restoration efforts. A vote was made, seconded and unanimously approved for Carol Korty to write a letter on behalf of LCC stating our support for MDIWQC's efforts.
  5. Recycling – No report available.
  6. Adopt-A-Highway status – LTW will contact Georgia Munsell to clarify number of clean-ups for Lamoine, and to see if she has submitted a write-up to the Quarterly.
  7. Lamoine Conservation Award – Fred is having the plaque engraved and the letter prepared for framing. LCC members present at the town meeting will gather with Fred when he presents the award.
  8. Peter Lord Presentation – Fred passed around copies of his write-up on “Lighting 101”. See attached.
  9. MEACC, Maine Association of Conservation Commissions, are delighted that we have joined. Events: Maine 's Quality of Place: What Role for Municipalities? – April 2, 8-9:30 a.m., Yarmouth Town Hall; Vernal Pool Mapping, Monitoring & Protection – April 30, 4:00 field trip, dinner and presentation 5:30-7:45 p.m., Falmouth Memorial Library; MEACC Annual Meeting, May 3, Brunswick High School. See for further details.
  10. Land Conservation Reserve Fund – Suggested to send thank-you to donor of matching funds. LTW to write it and give to Fred. Nancy Pochan asked about procedures if someone wants to donate land. They should talk to Fred Stocking.
  11. Future speakers – Invite Dr. George Kidder in May to speak about eelgrass restoration endeavors.
  12. The meeting adjourned at 8:48p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt , Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on April 9, 2008 by a vote of 5 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair