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Minutes of June 11, 2008 (Draft, subject to revision)

LCC Members Present: Fred Stocking, Chair; Carol Korty, Bob Pulver, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall. (Alternates Annie Crisafulli and Nancy Pochan absent.) Associate Members Present: Lucia Michielli and Joan Strout. Attenders: Rae Dumont; Mike Garrett, Planning Board; David Schick. Chris Tadema-Wielandt filmed for cable.


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM .

1. Minutes of the April 9th meeting had previously been approved.

2. Commission Vacancies:

The Chair announced that Lynda Tadema-Wielandt was stepping down from her role as secretary after many years of minute taking for LCC. The Chair asked for someone to volunteer taking minutes for this meeting. Korty volunteered.

The Chair also reminded all that this would be Donna Theall's last meeting as she is stepping off LCC after five years. The new commission member will begin his/her term at the July meeting, and there will be election of officers for the next 12 months. To avoid conflict with a Special Town Meeting on the 9th, LCC's July meeting will be on the 16th.

3. Freshwater Initiative:

Bob Pulver reported that he submitted a grant proposal, as planned, to Maine Community Foundation by their May 15th deadline, for $3200 to cover costs of supplies for GET WET!. He described the project as an educational endeavor intended to gather data on ground water for the next ten years. MCF will notify applicants in July of awards granted.

4. Adopt A Highway Report:

Georgia Munsell submitted a detailed report, dated June 2008, to the Chair on activities thus far. 27 sections of town roads have been identified for litter pick up. 55 volunteers have agreed to a two year period of keeping their assigned section of road litter free. Many have already exceeded the minimum of two times per year. 87 bags of trash have already been collected! The ME DOT approved the Adopt A Highway sign locations. Stu Marckoon and Georgia Munsell installed them on June 5th. Photo included with the attached report.

5. Intertidal Zone/Marine Resources:

Joan Strout reported that she and Lucia Michielli were the only two to show up for the sub-committee meeting, since Annie Crisafulli and Nancy Pochan are out of town. No progress to report. However, she noted that Hannah Annis, of the Municipal Shellfish Management Program in DMR, agreed to speak with LCC whenever we might wish her input.

Carol Korty reported on another meeting of Taunton Bay Advisory group that she, Strout, and Crisafulli attended. TBA must work out details of agreement between DMR and Harvesters by July 1, when the 8 year moratorium on harvesting in the bay will end. The complicated process has been going on over a year and is close to completion. If the agreement works, it could be a model for the rest of the state. Until Lamoine has an ordinance regulating shellfish harvesting, however, the state laws designed to protect this resource cannot be brought to bear.

Fred Stocking suggested that the Intertidal Zone subcommittee consider a name change to Marine Resources or something that encompasses more than the intertidal zone, noting that eelgrass, a recent concern, grows below the intertidal zone. He also suggested that LCC focus on educational programs at this point if we don't yet have a critical number of interested volunteers or a population of local harvesters that we could involve to work actively on projects. The LCC will await a Resolution from the current subcommittee about the direction of this activity.

6. Review of Eelgrass presentation:

The presentation by Dr. George Kidder and Dr. Jane Disney on May 14, 2008 , was one of our educational program for the public. Fred Stocking presented a succinct written report of the session (see attachment), which will be submitted to Stu Marckoon in lieu of minutes.

Carol Korty reported that the help Dr. Disney wants is the involvement of Lamoine schoolchildren. Bob Pulver was very supportive. After discussion, the Commission was not able to come up with a workable plan for involvement of schoolchildren in a Summer project, at least this year. Joan Strout will contact Jane Disney to learn the dates of their planting, which we have been invited to observe and possibly to bring interested Lamoine children with the goal of sparking their interest in future involvement.

7. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns:

Mike Garrett reported a site visit of Steve Joy's proposed development called Raccoon Hollow. We are invited to accompany Planning Board members on June 15th at 9 AM for their walk.

No report or request from Board of Selectfolk.

8. Cluster Housing Report:

Lamoine Planning Board asked LCC to look into cluster housing ordinances for the Town. Stocking noted that this is aligned with LCC's original charge to inventory open spaces in Town. Most towns in MEACC have a plan for open space, which is required by the State for all new Comprehensive Plans.

Stocking prepared a six page memo to the Planning Board in response to their request. (Attached.) It addresses:

1) Constraints on cluster housing provisions that the Town could enact.

2) Models from neighboring Towns or elsewhere in Maine .

Discussion included suggestion that the Planning Board might want to adopt a shared use of water and septic systems rather than the currently required municipal source. Chris Tadema-Wielandt asked about State regulations, Plumbing Code, etc. Lynda T-W said there are many available treatment plans for cluster housing that could be investigated. LCC unanimously approved forwarding the Stocking memo to the Planning Board.

9. Listening to Concerns of those Attending:

Stocking reported that both he and Pochan had recently seen juvenile moose.

Korty reported that two Lamoiners, Charlie Kelley and Barb Witham, had hosted a fund raiser for the organization Maine Rivers, which has been working the past ten years to clean up rivers in the state.

Korty also read a list of accomplishments the Natural Resources Council of Maine cited in their annual report.

10. Report on MEACC Annual Meeting:

There are now 55 active Conservation Commissions in Maine , although 65 exist. Not many events planned for our area right now. MEACC has obtained a grant to support staff to work with Conservation Commissions to advocate for municipal appropriations for land acquisition. MEACC is creating a bank of Town and City ordinances and other Reports or forms developed by Conservation Commissions around the State. The list serve failed, although there is a strong need for one.

11. Review of Statute and Ordinance -- Open Space Inventory:

LCC needs to create an index of Open Space. It is a major task, but an important step in relation to land acquisition. It is a mandatory duty of a Conservation Commission under the statute authorizing creation of Conservation Commissions. L. Tadema-Wielandt felt we could and should take it on as our next major focus. David Schick asked for the technical definition of Open Space.

12. Planning for Summer activities/programs:

A boat trip around Lamoine's shores in July was suggested and enthusiastically considered. L Tadema-Wielandt will investigate the availability of a motorboat. Marine Patrol is a possibility to explore, as well as private boat owners.

At July 16th meeting we will arrange details for the picnic at Lamoine Beach with Star Gazing, which Linda Penkalski has agreed to lead. Possible joint effort with Parks Committee.

The meeting ended with presentation of a certificate to Donna Theall in thanks for her contributions to LCC. Her tenure represented five years of stability for our commission.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM .

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by:______________________________

Carol Korty