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Minutes of July 16, 2008

The meeting started at 7:15 p.m.

Commission Members Present: Fred Stocking (chair), Carol Korty, Bob Pulver, and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt , David Schick

Others Present: Nancy Pochan (alternate), Annie Crisafulli (alternate), Lucia Michielli, Raymonde Dumont, Ken Smith

Agenda Items:

  1. New Member : David Schick was welcomed as the new member of the commission filling the seat vacated by Donna Theall.

  2. Review of April meeting minutes : Lynda Tadema-Wielandt submitted the minutes of the April meeting for review. They were accepted by unanimous vote.

  3. Review of June meeting minutes : The review of the June meeting was postponed until Carol Korty arrived later in the process of the meeting. At that time she submitted the minutes of the June meeting for review. They were accepted by unanimous vote.

  4. Election of Chair and Secretary : Fred Stocking was elected as Commission chair for the coming year. David Schick was elected secretary. Both votes were unanimous. Annie Crisafulli acted as a voting member during the selection process in order to fill in for Carol Korty who had not yet arrived.

  5. Freshwater Initiative Update : Bob Pulver reported on the progress of the Get Wet grant application. He stated that it is close to completion but is not yet finished. The funding goal is $ 3,000.00 plus over a ten-year funding cycle. No further action is required of the Conservation Commission at this time.

  6. Intertidal Zone/Marine Resources subcommittee : Annie Crisafulli reported that the Intertidal Zone/Marine Resources subcommittee will be essentially inactive until September and could use an increase in membership. Fred Stocking suggested that further educational programs could help spur new membership and that he felt that there was a lot of material available for other programs. Lucia Michielli and Carol Korty reported that they had been able to observe the second year eelgrass transplant effort conducted by the MDI Biological Lab. They stated that it was highly organized and seemed successful to this point.

  7. Planning Board and Selectfolk concerns : The permit for the dumping station at Lamoine State Park was turned down pending further hydrological studies and an EIS, or the initiation of an appeal process. There were no requests of the Conservation Commission from either the Planning Board or the Board of Selectmen.

  8. Concerns of meeting attendees : Raymonde Dumont raised the issue of the town's trash volume in light of the new plan proposed for the town of Gouldsboro . Gouldsboro's per capita trash volume is very high and the town may begin to impose a per bag fee. Fred Stocking stated that relatively speaking Lamoine is quite efficient in its recycling efforts. A free ranging discussion followed with a variety of ideas being put forth which dealt with methods for controlling use of the town's transfer facility and ways of reducing initial costs to town residents should a per bag fee system ever be proposed. Annie Crisafulli reported that two compost bins were still available from the sale this year. The price is $ 42.50. $ 100.00 remains in the town's accounts from the sale, and that the town office staff was a huge help in facilitating the sale process this year. Fred Stocking reported that there was some interest in an invasive plant workshop for the town. The idea received further support from meeting attendees. Fred is searching for possible instructors.

  9. Discussion of Open Space Inventory : Fred Stocking has determined that according to State statute a conservation commission must keep an index of open spaces within its municipality. The definition of “open space” is rather free, but would include publicly and privately owned lands and would include both wetlands and open, undeveloped uplands. Fred noted that we, as a commission could maintain the index in a variety of forms such as a map (i.e. the COA maps of 2004), or as a categorized list (i.e. the Falmouth model). As for technical definitions, the state has an open space statute and is developing new definitions for planning commissions. The LCC's eventual categorization could also reflect any other citizen priorities which were expressed and which the Commission wished to include. In the discussion which ensued a number of points emerged. The Commission should develop a list of local development projects already in process. COA input could again be useful, especially if mapping is involved. It should be possible to develop an inventory of undeveloped lots from the town tax maps; lots in easement or in tree growth are probably coded in the tax books. The Commission should also take in to account areas of special concern such as identified wildlife habitat, or areas deemed important by the consensus of the town's populace. Soil maps may be of use in defining high value areas and as potential sites for cluster housing. It was suggested that it would be valuable to develop species lists of various flora and fauna within the town boundaries, and that it would be helpful to identify individuals with the expertise to help develop those lists. There was general agreement to pursue the creation of an inventory, and categorical definitions need to be established in order to structure the list. Linda Tadema-Wielandt and Raymonde Dumont will begin a search of the town tax maps in order to ascertain how much useful information might be derived from that source. Fred Stocking will begin to develop a preliminary list of categories.

  10. Planning for the stargazing event and a possible boat trip around Lamoine : Nancy Pochan reported that Linda Pankalski is excited to conduct a stargazing program soon. August 20th or 27th are possible dates. The proposed event at Lamoine Beach Park will be open to the public, beginning with a potluck prior to the presentation. Fred will be responsible for contacting Bangor Hydro about turning off the aerial light, and for sending any public notice information to the Ellsworth American. The final schedule and logistics tasks are still in development. The proposed boat trip is in some flux due to the apparent lack of boats known to be available and capable of handling a moderate sized group. Fred Stocking has had some conversations with John Burnett who has some expertise on the Lamoine coastline. He is willing to come and do a speaking presentation to a group of interested individuals. Fred feels that we are not ready to plan a trip, but that the Commission should invite John to a meeting for a presentation. Fred will also contact Terry Towne at MCHT to determine if their boat might be available. There was general consensus that a boat survey of the town shoreline would be valuable.

Next Meeting : The next meeting will be a short one hour meeting on 12 August, 4:00 p.m., at the town office.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

David Schick Secretary
Lamoine Conservation Commission