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Minutes of the Meeting of October 14, 2009 (Draft)

The meeting started at 7:05 p.m.

Commission Members Present: Fred Stocking (Acting Chair), Carol Korty, Amy Morley, Annie Crisafulli (Alternate) and Nancy Pochan (alternate);

Others present: James Norris, Kathy DeFusco and Willem Brutsaert

Agenda Items:

1. Review of Agenda and Minutes of the September Meeting : The Agenda was reviewed briefly and without changes. The September minutes were read and approved by a vote of 5-0.

2. Report on Shellfish Conservation Ordinance: James Norris, who is leading an effort to enact a Shellfish Conservation Ordinance in Lamoine and neighboring towns, came to inform the LCC about the progress and process his committee is engaged in. There are seven towns, including Lamoine, considering adopting an identical ordinance and joining together in a shellfish restoration effort. Estimates are that there are 60 commercial diggers in those seven towns. James believes that a good start can be made with an initial investment by each town of $7,000. Needs include a warden and a boat, which would be jointly managed by a joint committee made up of one selectperson from each town. Licenses would cost $400.00 per year and require 12 hours of conservation work as well. Initial returns will be slow, because the resource has been depleted. There is some hope that if the flats are reseeded with clams, they can be closed to dragging.

The LCC expressed its support for the effort and asked how we could help. James said that right now, the committee was working on its ordinance, but later on expressions of support for the concept would be very important.

3. Groundwater Protection Ordinance changes . The Lamoine Planning Board has produced Draft #3 of its proposed changes. The Planning Board will now set this aside until after the new year, when it will hold informational sessions and a public hearing, preferably in coordination with the LCC. The LCC decided to consider Draft #3 at its December Meeting (since the November meeting will be taken up with the movie FLOW.) We will make formal comments to the Planning Board on Draft #3 at that time.

4. Follow-up on the Groundwater Booklet : We agreed to have a work session on October 21st just to consider the design of the booklet and make arrangements for printing.

5. October 28th Conservation Consortium Meeting in Bar Harbor on trash and recycling issues: No one volunteered to attend at this time.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Stocking Secretary Lamoine Conservation Commission