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Minutes of November 9, 2011 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members Present: Bob Pulver, Chair; Carol Korty, Larry Libby, Anne LaBossiere

Absent Member: Annie Crisafulli

Alternates: Nancy Pochan

Project Leader on Open Space: Fred Stocking, former Commission Member

Guests: Willem Brutsaert, David Legere, Ken Parton

Meeting was convened by Chairman Pulver at 7:02 PM.

  1. Planning Board and Selectmen concerns-None
  2. Review of October minutes-Moved and seconded to accept minutes as amended.
  3. Fred provided us with individual copies of his rewrite of Larry's text. Larry's work printed in black and Fred's in blue or red. Fred showed us a graph of Lamoine's population curve over several decades. Members felt that this would be a good inclusion to the open space inventory.

There are issues remaining re: this segment of the inventory. It needs to be wrapped up. Larry worked up a lot of material that Fred didn't include in the rewrite. Fred outlined several ways to address the aforementioned two issues. One of Fred's goals is to include demographics and numbers at the beginning with town policy following on page 2. Larry had a lot of material on the mechanics of development. He also gave the commission some background re: the materials he included.

The topic of conservation easement was brought up. Larry cited Hancock as a town who has done more in this area. The group wondered if this topic would be better placed in a section re: recommendations or even be included in an additional chapter re: Models of Conservation.

Nancy brought up the idea of developing more trails, specifically around Raccoon Cove. Fred mentioned an area, used by some x-country skiers, behind the cemetery that extends out to the Cold Spring Water Company. Other areas were discussed. They included areas running alongside Mud Creek Road . How best to access them was touched upon briefly including the possibility of using conservation easements and other instruments such as legal easements. It was mentioned that Lamoine only has three public accesses to the water.

Fred will give his “rewrite” one more massage and pass this on to Larry in a couple of weeks. They'll bring the resulting document back to the commission.

  1. Other- Carol mentioned that we still have an opening for another alternate on the commission. There was some discussion about the role of the commission and some of its projects/contributions. Nancy commented on the positive changes in Lamoine's demographics. Bob pointed out that we don't use public funds to do what we do. The commission was designated as the recipient for the money raised by the bottle and can redemption at the Lamoine Transfer Station during a period of time.

Carol provided some info re: the GET WET! water testing project which will be in its seventh year in the Lamoine Consolidated School and Ellsworth High School with Hancock Elementary School joining this year. Willem advises the group in this endeavor.

Larry clarified that our role re: the comprehensive plan is simply to keep this item on our discussion agenda and perhaps at a future meeting develop a recommendation to the Planning Board that the 1996 comp plan be updated.

One area that needs to be considered is the situation re: the gravel pits. A comprehensive plan would help regulate this area and give some uniformity to how the gravel may be accessed.

Willem raised the point of whether or not global warming's and climate change's impacts should be a part of any comprehensive plan.

David Legere, one of our guests, raised the questions whether coastal erosion will be addressed. He cited areas of concern and felt that listing resources to prevent, lessen and mitigate conditions leading to erosion would be proactive and beneficial. Carol mentioned that this might be a good topic for one of our programs for the public. Willem mentioned that the Maine Geological Survey Service has a responsibility to deal with erosion. He also mentioned Joe Kelly, an earth scientist at the University of Maine in Orono as very knowledgeable in this area. Willem will check in with Professor Kelly to see if he would be willing and available to speak on the topic of the prevention and control of coastal erosion at our Feb. or March meeting. We will do the planning for this in January.

There was discussion about creating maps, brochures and public awareness of some of Lamoine's open space recreational areas.

Carol will work on her section of the inventory, areas over gravel pits, and come to the Dec. meeting with her work to date for our perusal.

Our next meeting will be Wed., Dec. 14.

The meeting was adjourned by Chair, Bob Pulver, at 8:03 PM.

Minutes submitted by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary pro tem

Minutes approved by the Lamoine Conservation Commission, ______________.