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Minutes of October 10, 2012

Members present: Bob Pulver, Chair; David Legere, Carol Korty, Larry Libby

Members absent: Anne LaBossiere

Alternate Members Present: Nancy Pochan, Doug Stewart

Project Leader on Open Space: Fred Stocking

Others in Attendance: Annie Crisafulli, Willem Brutsaert

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chair Bob Pulver at 7:00 PM. Minutes of the September 12 meeting were approved as distributed.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Planning board and selectman concerns none. Bob Pulver and Carol Korty did attend the September Planning Board meeting.
  2. Bob Pulver thanked Commission members who attended the October 4 meeting of the Board of Selectmen for the presentation by Dr. Jane Disney from the MDI Biological Lab and Coordinator of Frenchman Bay Partners. She invited the Town of Lamoine to join the Partners and appoint a liaison. The Lamoine Conservation Commission is already a member.
  3. Bob Pulver reported on Commission participation in National Shore Clean-up Day on September 22. The clean-up produced nearly 200 lbs of litter on the shore extending in both directions from Lamoine State Park.
  4. Carol Korty reported on her contact with Judith Whitcomb on the Latona Spring road and facility. Improvements there have made the spring very useable and are appreciated. It is available to all, though not widely advertised.
  5. David Legere confirmed that the Commission will join Iris and Gerry Simon on Sunday November 4 to help with Simon Trail improvements. The Commission still hopes to appoint a trails committee to consider all existing and potential trails in the town.
  6. Carol communicated with John Peckenham about the utility and servicing of water level monitoring at the gravel pits. John says that he would service the water level logs. Discussion on that topic continues. Willem Brutsaert and John confirmed the value of water level data in the pits.
  7. Open Space report. Fred Stocking led discussion of the report draft that he had recently distributed to Commission members. While there are still gaps, the Commission can now react to the approach and content of the full report. Members expressed sincere appreciation for Fred's excellent work on this document. The next timeline goal, for the November meeting, is to review new materials written to fill identified gaps in the report.

Bob Pulver had joined Fred Stocking in reviewing tax maps at the town hall to determine open lands associated with private dwellings in the town.

Fred hopes to locate an aerial picture of Lamoine for the report cover and other use.

The Commission reviewed and recommended changes to Chapter I of the full draft and will continue with other sections at the November meeting.

Follow-up Actions:

  1. David will check with Iris Simon on the November 4 trail work.
  2. Bob will check with Soil and Water Conservation District and will review the Brutsaert bulletin for a new section on Soils and Geology in Lamoine for the open space report.
  3. Larry will seek information on Forests and Farms for that section of the report, coordinating with Bob .
  4. David and Fred will work on the Intertidal Zone section for the November meeting, with Fred focusing on shorebird habitat.
  5. The Commission will hold an open forum in January for town citizens to express their views on future directions for open space planning and management in Lamoine. Fred will develop about 5 questions to be handed out at the meeting to help focus discussion.
  6. David will contact the Planning Board about current and possible future guidelines for gravel mining in the town.
  7. Carol will follow up with Chris James at the Lamoine School about possible interest in a school project on water quality monitoring at Blunts Pond.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Minutes taken by Larry Libby, Acting Secretary, and approved on November 14, 2012.