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Lamoine Conservation Commission

Minutes for November 14, 2012 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members present: Bob Pulver, chair; David Legere and Anne LaBossiere

Absent members: Carol Korty and Larry Libby

Alternate/s: Nancy Pochan

Absent alternate/s : Doug Stewart

Project Leader On Open Space: Fred Stocking, former Commission Member

Others in attendance: Dr. Willem Brutsaert,

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chm. Pulver at 7:00 p.m.

Topics discussed:

  1. No member/s of the Planning Board or Selectmen was present.
  2. Minutes of the October 10, 2012 were read.
  3. Updates on Open Space-Fred Stocking shared a graph of the Lamoine population growth from 1870-2010. He cited the Frenchman Bay Partner's Atlas as being a great resource re: websites relevant to his work on open space. Fred also expressed appreciation for the fine work done by Gordon Longworth who runs the GIS program at the College of the Atlantic . Mr. Longworth has done a lot of the work connected to maps of Lamoine.

Fred shared the compilation of data obtained by Bob Pulver and him in their review of the Tax Lots and Open Space in Lamoine. He determined that 74% of the town's total acreage is in open space and that 2.5% of the total acreage is in gravel pits.

The latest updates to the rough draft of the document referred to as “The Open Space Report and Inventory” were distributed and discussed. This included:

The Marine Environment, E. Shorebird Habitat

Protecting the shore from pollution should be a high priority for town.

Forest Environment

Soils and Surficial Geology

Conserved Lands

Need to locate the Hancock County Soil Book to assist in the identification of the land in Lamoine that has good soil for productive farming.

In summary, Fred said we currently have completed a rough draft of “The Open Space Report and Inventory.” We are on target with our projected timeline listed in the LCC minutes of Sept. 12, 2012. If we have a public meeting in January, we could feedback from participants to inform our final draft. It was also suggested that the final draft may also serve as an impetus for the town to develop a new comprehensive plan.

  1. Other

David Legere reported on the work done on the Simon's Trail by him and Camille Legere on Nov. 4 th . He shared some before and after pictures of the trail. Eleven people hiked the trail that day and reaped the benefits of the plank bridges constructed and laid over some of the wettest areas by the Legeres.

Blunts Pond-Willem Brutsaert brought us up to speed on this area and described how it might be monitored by the use of a rain gauge, staff gauge and evaporation pan. There was much discussion which included whether or not the Pond is spring fed; who would do the monitoring; what role should be played by the Lamoine Conservation Committee. This will be discussed at the December meeting.

Motions and Outcomes:

The minutes of the Oct. 10, 2012 were approved.

Follow-Up Actions and Who Will Do Them:

  1. Bob Pulver will talk with Gordon Longworth about an aerial photography map of Lamoine.
  2. Fred Stocking will try to locate a copy of the Hancock County Soil Book
  3. Bob Pulver will contact the chairs of the Planning Board and Selectmen to ask if they'd like to see the rough draft of the “Open Space Report and Inventory” (OSR & I) or wait for the final version.
  4. Fred S will circulate the latest edition of his and our work to date on the OSR & I.
  5. Nancy Pochan will attend the Dec. 4 th meeting of the Planning Board.
  6. December Agenda : To include work on the appendix for the OSR & I and the possibility of inviting the public to our Jan. meeting; Blunts Pond; Annual award.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary, and approved on_______________