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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

Minutes of January 9, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members present: Bob Pulver, Chair; David Legere, Carol Korty, Larry Libby, Anne LaBossiere

Absent: Alternates: Nancy Pochan and Doug Stewart

Others in Attendance: Members of the public: Kathryn Gaianguest, Susan Wuorinen

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chm. Pulver @ 7:03 p.m.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Kathryn Gaianguest recommended that the LCC urge the selectmen to establish a comprehensive planning committee to review the 17 year old Lamoine Comprehensive Plan and develop a new document to meet the needs of the town. There will need to be a budget to finance the costs connected to this committee. The necessary papers must be presented to the selectmen by Feb. 7 th to allow them to get this in the form of a warrant for town meeting. The LCC agreed with the members of the public in attendance at the meeting that the time seems to be ripe for working on the comprehensive plan.
  2. The forum re: Lamoine Conservation and Open Space: The Next 20 Years.
  3. Planning session for the forum
  4. Lamoine Conservation Commission Award
  5. Carol Korty read a letter from Dr. Jane Disney of the MDI Biological Laboratory re: whether LCC would participate in the Estuarine Habitat Grant from the Army Corps of Engineers if her application is accepted.
  6. Other: David Legere reported that Shaun Donovan can take us right to the spring head in Blunts Pont to confirm that this pond is spring fed. David also mentioned that Blunts Pond may experience the same fate as the Cold Spring Water Company. This assumption is based on what Willem Brutsaert outlined in his report on the potential impact of the gravel extraction at the center of the Jan. 8th public hearing held by the planning board.

Motions and Outcomes:

  1. A motion was passed re: LCC's writing a letter to the selectmen requesting that they establish a committee that would be charged with reviewing the existing comprehensive plan and developing a new one. M
  2. Minutes of the Dec. 12th meeting were approved as written.
  3. A motion was passed re: LCC recommend to the planning board that Lamoine join the Hancock County Planning Commission.

Follow-Up Actions and Who Will Do them:

  1. Bob Pulver will speak to Stu Marckoon re: what should be included in the letter to the selectmen requesting that they establish a comprehensive planning committee. He will also speak with Tom Martin of the Hancock Planning Commission to get some idea of the cost of funding this committee.
  2. Carol will write the letter to the planning board re: the LCC's recommendation that Lamoine join the Hancock County Planning Commision.
  3. The forum re: Lamoine Conservation and Open Space: The Next 20 Years will be held at the Town Hall on Feb. 13th as a part of our monthly meeting.
  4. In keeping with our intention to obtain input at the Feb. 13 th forum from local residents before finalizing our report on open space, we will encourage attendance through the use of publicity at the local level and sending letters to the following town entities:

Selectmen and Parks and Recreation-Bob Pulver will contact.

Planning Board and Snowmobile Club-Carol Korty will contact.

Shellfish Harvesting Advisory Committee and Lamoine Historical Society-Doug Stewart will contact.

Speakers at the Jan. 8th open hearing-Larry Libby will contact.

  1. Bob Pulver will call Fred Stocking about setting up a pre-forum planning session.
  2. Anne LaBossiere and Carol Korty will interview the LCC Award winner and Bob Pulver will take care of the details involved with the preparation of the plaque.
  3. Bob Pulver will get in touch with Dr. Jane Disney to confirm that LCC is on board with assisting in the implementation of the grant she will be submitting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary and approved on________________.