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Lamoine Conservation Commission

Minutes of May 8, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members present: Bob Pulver, Chair; Carol Korty, Larry Libby, Anne LaBossiere

Absent Member: David Legere

Alternates present: Nancy Pochan, Doug Stewart

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Pulver @ 7:03 pm.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Review of minutes
  2. Planning Board and Selectmen concerns-None expressed. Carol Korty attend the May 7th meeting of the Planning Board and gave an update of that meeting.
  3. Economic Plan re: analysis of economic importance of the sea to Lamoine. Larry Libby gave an overview of his meeting with Todd Gabe and Caroline Noblet of UMaine's School of Economics . Larry has since followed up with Sarah Redmond of Sea Grant. It may be possible to get a small grant to undertake this project of doing an analysis of the economic importance of the sea to Lamoine. Some surveys may need to be done. The goal is to describe what's out there in terms of these resources. Secondary studies (Those completed in other locales with coastal locations and resources.) may also be utilized.
  4. GET WET-Bob Pulver and John Peckenham will be going to the Lamoine Consolidated School on May 23rd to give students the results of the water sampling project done earlier in the spring on water drawn from students' wells.
  5. Archive System-Continue to work of the development of this for LCC materials. It was mentioned that the Lamoine Historical Society is sorting through their archival materials to identify those that might be of pertinence for inclusion in LCC archives instead of theirs.
  6. Trails Committee-Nancy Pochan said there was nothing new to report. She is still exploring options to assist in the development of a parking lot for the Simons' Trail. Suggestions were given re: specific people to contact. Nancy suggested that we might introduce the concept of “Adopt A Trail” with people signing up for a portion of a designated trail to monitor re: the need for clean-up. It was decided that the Friends of Lamoine Conservation would be better qualified to pursue the Track Trail as land acquisition would be required. LCC might be able to look into how to go about having public access to some of the snowmobile trails in our area during the spring, summer and fall months.
  7. Election- Larry Libby was elected to serve as the new chair of the Lamoine Conservation Commission. Tonight's meeting was Bob's last official session. He will continue to work with Frenchman Bay Partners as an adjunct to LCC. In his new capacity as adjunct, Bob will work with Larry Libby on the project to study the economic assets of marine harvesting and recreation for the Town of Lamoine . Much appreciation was expressed to Bob for his excellent leadership during his tenure as LCC chair.
  8. Other-Carol Korty read excerpts from an article in the Fishermen's Voice Newsletter related to the plastic debris identified in a study of an area of the Pacific Ocean .

Nancy Pochan spoke of the possibility of LCC looking into alternatives to plastic bags such as reusable bags at our local market.

Bob Pulver reported that Fred Stocking appreciated the framed picture of one of his favorite “open spaces in Lamoine” presented by LCC in recognition of the outstanding and ongoing leadership that he provided to the LCC in the process of developing the Open Space Report and Inventory .

There is a need to obtain a commissioner to fill the vacancy left by Bob's retirement.

LCC sponsored coastal clean-up activity in June.

Larry Libby reported on his attendance at the Hancock County Planning Meeting which he attended on behalf of the Town of Lamoine on April 25, 2013. This program was sponsored by the Hancock County Planning Commission. Larry said it was an excellent presentation.

Motions and Outcomes:

  1. The minutes of the April 10th meeting were approved.
  2. It was approved to create a study group, led by LCC, to study the impact of the economic assets of marine harvesting and recreation on the Town of Lamoine .

Follow-up Actions and Who Will Do Them:

Re: Topic # 3. Economic Plan-Larry Libby is working on setting up a time within the first couple of weeks of June for Todd Gabe and Caroline Noblet (UMaine School of Economics) to come to Lamoine. Suggestions were made as to groups and individuals to invite to participate with Gabe, Noblet and Libby. The following list of names is not exclusive, just initial thoughts:

Jim Norris (representing Sorrento on the Shellfish Committee), Paul Davis (representing Lamoine on the Shellfish Committee), Tim Levesque, Shawn Donovan, Shep Erhart (Chm. of Seaweed Council) and Bob Hessler, Maine Shellfish.

Re: Topic # 5. Archive System. The committee will be convened ASAP.

Re: Topic # 6. Trails Committee. Nancy Pochan will talk to Simons, Ken Smith, DOT re: the parking lot for Simons Trail .

Re: Topic # 8 . Other

Alternatives to plastic bags –Nancy Pochan will do some follow-up re: cost of printing on reusable bags.

Need to obtain a person to fill Bob Pulver's vacancy on the commission. Larry Libby is going to check with a person suggested by LCC to see if they might be interested in being considered.

LCC sponsored coastal clean-up activity in June-Carol Korty will e-mail David Legere to see if he would provide leadership and set a date for this proposed event.

Larry's attendance at the 4/25 Hancock County Planning Meeting-He will write up a brief summary of this meeting that Stu might opt to post on the Town web site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm. Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary and approved on________________.