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Minutes of June 12, 2013

Members Present: Larry Libby, chair; David Legere, Anne LaBossiere

Absent Member: Carol Korty

Absent Alternates : Nancy Pochan, Doug Stewart

Others in Attendance : Willem Brutsaert

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by chairman Libby @ 7:00 pm.

Topics Discussed: 

  1. Minutes of May 8th meeting
  2. Planning Board and Selectmen Concerns-None
  3. Trails -Nancy Pochan sent in material prepared in 2009 by Ken Smith for the proposed parking lot for the Simons Trail . He estimated that the cost for this parking lot would be between four and six thousand dollars.

David Legere said that the Simons Trail is pretty well maintained. There is a need for more bog bridges on the wetter parts of it.

David also reviewed some of the other trails in the town that he had written up for inclusion in the Lamoine Open Space and Town Report .

  1. Economics of the Sea for Lamoine -Larry Libby gave an overview of the June 5th visit to Lamoine by Dr. Todd Gabe and Dr. Caroline Noblet of U Maine School of Economics.

Larry set up an agenda for the economists that included meetings with LCC members, town officials and representatives of groups accessing Lamoine's waterfront resources. The day also included a lunch at Riverside and a tour of the town. Bob Pulver, Larry Libby, Carol Korty, Doug Stewart, Anne LaBossiere, Stu Marckoon, Jim Norris(organizer of Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Conservation District), Paul Davis(Shellfish Advisory Council), Steve Beathem(Maine Shellfish Company) and Dave Herrick (lobsterman and Lamoine Harbor Master).

  1. Spring Coastal Clean-up -This will not be held in 2013.
  2. Archives -Larry reported on the first meeting of the LCC Archive Committee which was held on June 10th at the Lamoine Town Hall . Present: Cathy deTuede, Anne Stocking, Georgiana Pulver and Larry Libby.
  3. GET WET -Larry reported that Bob Pulver and John Peckenham did return to the Lamoine Community School to give the students the reports on the water from their home wells that they had tested under the direction of Peckenham and volunteers.
  4. Frenchman Bay Partners -Anne LaBossiere is on newly formed communications committee which has met two times and will meet again the end of August. Carol Korty and Bob Pulver are both involved with FBP. Ann suggested that visiting the FBP website would be very informative.
  5. Alternative to Plastic Bags -Larry reported that Nancy Pochan has contacted the owner of the Lamoine General Store about possibility of having alternatives to plastic bags. She will continue working on this at the local level.
  6. Other
    1. Suggestions for new members. Several names were suggested.
    2. Application for returnable bottle revenue obtained @ transfer station
    3. Eel grass project-Some discussion.
    4. Blunts Pond-Discussion continued re: whether or not its spring fed or as a result of an aquifer.
    5. Workshop on June 27 th sponsored by Hancock County Planning Commission re: Protecting the Working Waterfront and Public Access.

Motions and Outcomes:

The minutes of the May 8th meeting were approved as printed and disseminated via e-mail.

Follow-up Actions and Who Will Do Them:

  1. Anne LaBossiere will try to attend the July 2nd meeting of the Planning Board.
  2. Trails -Decided to defer further discussion re: the proposed parking for Simon until more members are in attendance. David will contact Bob Merchant of the Frenchman Bay Riders Snowmobile Club to get more clarity on how we might in obtaining permission to use the existing snowmobile trails during the spring, summer and fall months. Larry will discuss with Stu the possibility of having the trail information put together by David for the Open Space Report and Inventory put on the town's website to make it more readily available.
  3. Economics of the Sea -Todd Gabe and Caroline Noblet will be back in touch with Larry to share their recommendations and information they have gathered. Gabe has been in touch with the DMR to obtain more information re: the harvesters and processers. This information would allow some additional conversation about developing a short questionnaire to use with the sea product harvesters. Larry also received some information re: a study that was done re: the impact of lobstering on the town of Stonington to give us an idea of what has been done in other communities. Noblet provided some names of past funders of endeavors such as we are considering. Larry pointed out that we have to have the “bare bones” in place before we move in that direction. Noblet and Gabe are also involved in the study of the economic value of seaweed in the state which might have relevance to Lamoine in the future, if not now.

Larry will continue his work in this area and Bob Pulver has expressed an interest in helping on this project as well.

  1. Spring Coastal Clean-up -We will endeavor to hold this in May of 2014.
  2. Archives- The next meeting will be @ 10:00 am on June 24 at the Lamoine School . The next step will be to assemble all the materials so the “experts” can assist in setting up our archives. It was decided to organize the archives around projects and grants received. Larry urged people to look through their LCC files and get materials to him prior to June 24 that are relevant to the current or past projects of LCC. He will send out a reminder to this effect.
  3. New Members -Larry will follow-up on our recommendations with the people suggested.
  4. Returnable Bottle Revenue -Larry has turned in the form to Stu to expedite this.
  5. Blunts Pond -David Legere will continue his attempts to connect with someone the DEP who could provide information re: any drains that were supposedly installed in Blunts Pond some years back.
  6. Hancock County Planning Commission workshop on Protecting the Working Waterfront and Public Access… Anne LaBossiere will attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary and approved on________________.