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Meeting Notes - August 14, 2013

Members Present: Larry Libby, Chair; Carol Korty, Anne LaBossiere, Doug Stewart

Associate Member: Bob Pulver, former chair of LCC

Purpose of Meeting: Explore the possibility of submitting a proposal for a grant to use towards the development of a parking lot for the Simons Trail . Proposal to be submitted to the Recreational Trail Program which funds trail improvements in communities throughout the state each year. The application has to be postmarked by Aug. 16th .

The group addressed the information needed for this application for a pre-application site visit. We also decided to submit an article for the October edition of the Lamoine Quarterly re: our application.

Larry Libby is going to complete the application and get it mailed by Aug. 16th .

The workshop session was held at the Lamoine Town Hall from 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Notes taken by : Anne LaBossiere, Secretary