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Minutes of October 9, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members Present: Larry Libby, Chair; Carol Korty, Anne LaBossiere, Doug Stewart

Absent Member: David Legere

Alternate Present: Linda Penkalski

Absent Alternate: Nancy Pochan

Others in Attendance: Willem Brutsaert

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chm. Libby @ 7:00 pm.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Meeting Minutes for Sept. 11, 2013
  2. Planning Board and Selectmen Concerns

There were no representatives from either board in attendance. Larry Libby reported on his attendance at the last meeting of the Planning Board. Larry also met with Mike Jordan, Lamoine's code enforcement officer re: our intent to apply for a grant and to get clarity on any permits that might be required as an initial part of that process. Mike Jordan sent a letter to Larry with his decision that no permits are required at this point.

Larry said that the planning board had a “reasonably positive response” to the LCC's recommendation that Lamoine become a member of the Hancock County Planning Commission. Other topics on the agenda of the planning board were related to the permit process for gravel extractions.

Larry will attend the Oct. 10 th meeting of the selectmen when they will be finalizing their consideration of granting the LCC the go ahead to proceed with the application to the Maine Recreational Trail Program for funds re: our Simons Woods Trail proposal.

  1. Steve MacDonald, Forester with Prentiss and Carlisle, a private forest management company out of Bangor, filled in for Andy Shultz.

Andy Shultz, Landowner Outreach Forester, Maine Department of Forestry, was unable to join us so he arranged for Steve MacDonald to do so. Steve presented some information relevant to what might be covered at a public meeting in early 2014, sponsored by LCC, on managing private forests. There was great interest in pursuing this venture and plans were set in motion to do this.

  1. Economics of the Sea-trade area analysis of Lamoine by Dr. Jim McConnon, UMaine School of Economics

Bob Pulver and Larry Libby went to Orono to meet with Dr. Jim McConnon and Dr. Todd Gabe. Dr. McConnon will compare sales revenue generated by Lamoine's economy and compare these with comparable communities' sales revenues. These would include the towns of Trenton , Brooklin, Hancock, Sorrento and Surry. Even though Blue Hill is not exactly comparable, there is interest in making it one of those ones used.

Larry referenced the possibility of weaving together this upcoming sea-trade analysis with the June 2013 report re: commercial fisheries done by Todd Gabe and Caroline Noblet of the University of Maine 's School of Economics . Libby mentioned that it would be nice to include data re: the service arena's contribution to Lamoine's economy. These might include B & B's, kayak rentals/tours and cottage rentals as well as the value of coastal properties.

  1. Update on Simon Woods Trail Development Proposal

Copies of the Project Description written by Carol Korty and Linda Penkalski were disseminated and discussed. Larry and Doug gave updates in their contacts with Richard McMullen re: an estimate of cost for the proposed parking lot. Much discussion re: maps to be included, types of three ring binders to be used, letters of support and all the other details to be responded to re: the application.

Larry has sent the final version of the project description, the general introduction sheet and maps to the Maine Historical Preservation Commission, Maine Natural Areas Program Review and the Bureau of Resource Management Review as required as a part of the application process.

Motions and Outcomes:

The minutes for the Sept. 11th meeting were approved as distributed.

Follow-up Actions and Who Will Do Them:

  1. Larry Libby and Bob Pulver will go to meet with Dr. Jim McConnon at U. Maine to review his analysis of the sales revenue of Lamoine as compared to comparable communities and will set a tentative date for Dr. McConnon's presenting this information at a meeting for the public sponsored by LCC.
  2. Steve MacDonald will e-mail Andy Shultz to inform him of our interest in having the meeting for the public in early 2014 on managing private forests. Larry will connect with Andy to fine tune this process.
  3. Larry will attend the Selectmen's meeting of Oct. 10th to follow-up on the letter requesting town funds to land acquisition fund. He will also mention the archives.
  4. Larry will write a letter to Donald Mansius, Director of Maine's Forest Service, emphasizing the need to restore the position of district foresters in Hancock County .
  5. Anne LaBossiere will attend the next meeting of the planning board.
  6. Members of LCC will convene on Tues. Oct. 29th at 7:00 pm. for the assemblage of the 6 three ring binders to be submitted for feedback from Mick Rogers of the Division of Parks and Public Lands prior to our final submission by Nov. 23rd. Larry will check with Stu re: availability of Town Hall for this meeting.

Doug Stewart will check online for the best deal re: the above mentioned 3 ring notebooks. This search will also allow him to present color options for our perusal.

  1. Larry will get an estimate from Richard McMullen re: his estimated cost to put in the proposed parking lot re: Simon Woods Trail access.
  2. All LCC members will continue to carry out their assignments re: the application.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere, Secretary and approved on _______________