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Minutes - September 10, 2014 (Draft - subject to correction)

Member Present:  Larry Libby, Chair


Absent Members: Anne LaBossiere, Doug Stewart and David Legere


Alternates Present: Nancy Pochan, Linda Penkalski


Others in Attendance: Larissa Thomas and Chris Myers


Meeting was convened at Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:10 PM


Topics Discussed:


1.   Concerns from Select Board and/or Planning Board:   

 No members of either board were present.


2.  Transfer station operation and recycling in Lamoine:

Chris Myer,  Transfer Station Manager,  led the discussion. Chris is a retired environmental engineer.  Due to Chris’s leadership there is new hot top by the recycling section of the transfer station.  Chris has placed new signs consistent with Maine DEP laws.  He has visited PERC in Orrington where Lamoine’s trash is incinerated.  He is enforcing the “no loose trash” rule at the transfer station,  which is not a new rule.  He is responsible for vector and odor control.  Metal cannot be put into the bins as it might jam PERC’s processing machinery.  Residents cannot bring hazardous waste nor universal waste to the transfer station.  There is a  household hazardous waste and universal waste collection day at MDI High School on Saturday,  September 27th.  Chris will speak with Stu about a permit to have material he has collected for Lamoine residents over the past few months taken on that day to MDI High School.


Chris said that Staples will take back old computers.  Walmart Automotive takes waste oil.  Ellsworth Waste Disposal on the Boggy Brook Road takes appliances,  building materials, etc.  for a fee and they will pay folks for metal.


Stu has the data on how much is recycled in Lamoine.  The recyclables are trucked to Coastal Recycling in Hancock by Casella.  The town does get some money for their recyclables.  Mostly it costs the town more money to recycle than it gets back.  The cost is for transportation to Coastal Recycling.  Chris has noticed that the recycling bins are filling up faster,  since he started his position.  Some months we do get penalized  if we do not deliver enough trash to PERC.


Chris suggested that in order to get more households to recycle we should educate the school children about recycling.  When they learn about it at school they go home and educate their parents.


We discussed the idea that LCC might investigate selling recyclables containers to help citizens organize their recyclables at home.


3.  Fall Public Meeting:

Larissa has contacted Bruce Connery,  Wildlife Biologist at Acadia National Park,  and he can present a talk on bats in Maine.  The public meeting will be Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at the Lamoine Town Hall at 7 PM.  LCC members will provide snacks for the meeting.  Larissa will produce a flyer, and she will give information about the talk to Linda so she can send a press release to the Ellsworth American.


Another topic for the future is:

Climate Change and its Effect on Migrating Birds- LInda Welch and/or Dr. Brian Olsen


4.  Frenchman Bay Volunteers:

Volunteers from Frenchman Bay Conservancy will be here to help at the Simon Trail on October 19-25,  2014.


5.  Other:

David will serve on the Eel Grass Committee

Larry will be the LCC representative  for Frenchman Bay Partners

Larry will write the article for Lamoine Quarterly

Linda will organize the GET WET presentations at the Lamoine School and Ellsworth High School

Some of us will attend the Convergence 2014 Conference on October 2, 2014 at SERC



Motions and Outcomes:


The minutes of the August 13, 2014 meeting were approved.


Follow-Up Actions and Who Will Do Them:


1.  Larry will contact Stu for the recycling data.


2.  Larissa will contact Bruce Connery for more specific information about his bat talk on October 8, 2014.  She will make up a flyer to be distributed.  She will send the information to Linda so she can write up a press release to go to the Ellsworth American.


3.  For the public meeting on October 8, 2014 LCC members will bring the following:

    Larissa will bring an electric teapot and tea bags.

    Nancy will bring apple cider.

   Linda will bake something.

   Larry will pick up the cups from Carol to use that night and bring snacks.

   Doug will bring coffee, sugar and milk.

   David will bring a snack.

   Anne will bring a snack.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Minutes taken by Linda Penkalski and approved on_________________.