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Minutes of November 12, 2014 (Draft, subject to correction)

 Members Present:  Larry Libby,  Chair;  David Legere,  Linda Penkalski

Absent Members:  Anne LaBossiere and Doug Stewart


Alternates Present:  Nancy Pochan and Larissa Thomas


Others in Attendance:  Willem Brutsaert


Meeting was convened at Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:03 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.   Concerns from Select Board and/or Planning Board:

 There were no concerns presented at this time.


2.   Bat Talk October 8, 2014:

Everyone agreed that the Bat Talk was an overwhelming success in the number of people who attended, and  Bruce Connery’s extensive knowledge and interesting presentation.  Thanks to Larissa for organizing and everyone else for their involvement.


3.    Big Trees of Lamoine:

Bob Lachance, via e-mail,  suggested that we find a way to recognize some of the “big trees”  in Lamoine.  He suggested a contest or exercise to identify vintage trees in Lamoine.  It was suggested that we might have citizens submit photos of trees to be printed in the Lamoine Quarterly.  We do not want to encourage people to trespass on any property,  so we suggested that people nominate their own trees.  Besides the photographs the dimensions(circumference and height) could be submitted.   The goal is to find out about Big Trees of Lamoine as a natural resource.

Ellsworth had a competition recently and we will investigate this.  Linda will contact Steve MacDonald to see if the State of Maine keeps records on big trees.  We will continue this discussion in December.

4.   Simon Woods Trail:

The parking lot is completed using  grant money.  Frenchman Bay Conservancy  will put up a new wood sign.  Larry will contact Jerry Simon to see if Frenchman Bay Conservancy will send volunteers to cut back trees and branches that fell from the November 2nd snow storm.  He will ask Jerry if they will help to construct the bog bridges before winter  and,  if not,  we need to move the cedar planks back from the parking lot.   We need 8 inch screws for the bog bridges and can use grant  money to purchase them.


5.   GET WET!:

Linda has contacted John Peckenham and Lamoine Consolidated School.  The tentative dates are January 21, 2015 for the introduction and January 22, 2015 for the testing with a snow date of January 29, 2015.  Linda will check with Carol Duffy,  teacher, around December 1st to confirm those dates.  We will need volunteers for January 22nd testing stations.


6.   Blunt’s Pond:

Doug contacted Hancock County Planning Commission about the pond.  We will discuss what he learned at the December meeting.


7.    LCC Archives:

Larissa and Carol Korty will meet at the Lamoine Town Hall to discuss scanning the archives to be placed on the Lamoine website. Anyone will be able to  see and use them.


8.   Public meeting for Winter:

We will plan a public meeting for March.  Discussion centered around a topic related to Climate Change and its effect on Lamoine.  Larry and Linda attended the Convergence Conference 2014 in October at SERC.   Linda Welch, Wildlife Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service,  gave a presentation about using seabirds as indicators of ecosystem change  in the Gulf of Maine.  Tora Johnson, GIS Director,  University of Maine Machias,  did a presentation of mapping and coastline changes due to Climate Change.  Larry will contact them to see if they can do a presentation in March,  2015.  Also mentioned were Natelie Springuel and Rich MacDonald of the Natural History Center in Bar Harbor.




1.  Hancock County Planning Commission has asked for a volunteer for their Brownfield Sites  Committee.  The committee will  look at contaminated sites in Hancock County and ways to restore them.  Brian Thomas,  citizen of Lamoine,  has volunteered to serve on the committee.


2.    Following up on Chris Meyers September presentation to LCC on the Lamoine Transfer Station -the recycling volumes are reported on the Lamoine website.  Stu gathers the data.


3.  Larry will ask Anne if she can write the LCC article for the January Lamoine Quarterly.



Motions and Outcome:


The minutes of the September 10, 2014 meeting were approved.


Follow-Up Actions and Who will do them:


1.   Linda will check with the Ellsworth American about the big tree contest that was held recently in Ellsworth.  She will also phone Steve MacDonald  about what the State of Maine does with respect to big trees.


2.   Larry will contact Jerry Simon to see if Frenchmen Bay Conservancy volunteers will help with the construction of the bog bridges on the Simon Trail and  clear the trail of debris from the early November snow storm.


3.    Linda is working on planning GET WET! for Lamoine Consolidated School for January, 2015.


4.    Larissa will meet with Carol Korty to begin scanning LCC archives so  they can go on the Lamoine website for all to use.


5.   Larry will contact Linda Welch and Tora Johnson to see if they are available in March,  2015 for a public meeting related to climate change.


6.    Larry will ask Anne if she can write the LCC article for the January  Lamoine Quarterly.



After the meeting was adjourned Willem left and LCC members started a discussion of people to be nominated for the 2015 Conservation Award.   Discussion to be completed after the December 10th meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Minutes were taken by Linda Penkalski and approved on __________.