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Minutes  - February 11, 2015 (Draft, Subject to Correction)

Members present:  Larry Libby, Chair; Anne LaBossiere, David Legere, Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart


Alternate Present:   Larissa Thomas


Absent Alternate:  Nancy Pochan


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by chairman Libby at 7:10 PM.


Planning Board/Select Board Concerns:  There was no member of the select board in attendance.  David Legere voiced no concerns for the planning board.


Topics Discussed:


1.  Public Meeting- March 25,  2015:  Linda Welch, Wildlife Biologist,  US Fish & Wildlife Service,  Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge,  will give a talk entitled  “Climate Change and Gulf of Maine Birds”.  It will take place in the “whale room”  at Lamoine Consolidated School at 7 PM  on March 25, 2015.  Larissa will develop a poster we can post at various places-  Lamoine Town Hall,  Lamoine Store,  Lamoine Consolidated School,  the transfer station,  Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce,  Ellsworth Library and the Maine Grind.  Linda will send a publicity write up to the local newspapers- the Ellsworth American and the Mt. Desert Islander. Linda will send the poster electronically to the town managers of Ellsworth,  Blue Hill,  Hancock,  Sullivan,  Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor,  Trenton and Bar Harbor so they can post it on their website and print it to hang in their town halls. It was suggested that we have a short intermission so our guests have time to eat refreshments.  We will all contribute to the refreshments.


2.  Digitizing the LCC Archives:  Larry and Larissa have made progress on  scanning the archives for back up and public use.


3.   New procedures for the Conservation Award:  Anne typed up and distributed copies for all.  They were approved during the January 14, 2015 LCC meeting.  A few corrections were made and they will be redistributed at the April meeting.


4.   GET WET!:  Get Wet! information session and testing on January 21st and 22nd at Lamoine Consolidated School went well.  Students were enthusiastic.  Linda contacted the chemistry teacher who we worked with last year and he has forwarded her e-mail to the new Principles of Chemistry teacher.  It works best for John Peckenham for the sessions to be April 8th and 9th or April 9th and 10th.  When Linda hears from the teacher about the dates and time she will e-mail LCC members for volunteers to help with the testing.


5.  Eel Grass:  There was an eel grass meeting on January 22, 2015.


6.  Ocean Acidification:  A bill, HP 1174,  LD 1602,  item 1,  will be coming up before the Maine State Legislature.  Larry will ask Stu if it is appropriate for LCC to draft a letter in  support of this legislation.  It was suggested by Larissa that we send the letter to our local representatives, Brian Langley and Brian Hubbell,  to show our support.  She also suggested that the letter be sent to Michael Devin of Newcastle who is the sponsor of the bill.  Larry will give a copy of the letter to Stu to pass  on to the Select Board.


7.  Brownfields:  Larry attended the Hancock County Planning Commission meeting about Brownfields.  An assessment grant from the DEP was awarded to identify potential sites.  Rich Campbell is the local consultant.  They are in the evaluation stage.   Larry asked us to think if there are any Brownfield places in Lamoine.


8.  Big Trees:  This is put on hold for now and we will invite Bob Lachance to a meeting in the Spring.


9.  Simon Trail:  This Sunday,  February 15, 2015 is the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend.  From noon-2 PM there will be an opportunity for everyone to use the Simon Trail as part of the weekend celebration.      McMullen is plowing the parking lot.


10.  Tom Sidar:  Tom has retired from Frenchmen Bay Conservancy and it was suggested that LCC send him a good luck/thank you card.  Larry will take care of it.


11.   Returnables:  A reminder that the money from the March returnables at the transfer station will go to  LCC.


12.   Lamoine snowmobile trail map:   We would like the Lamoine Snowmobile Trail Map put online for all to see.


Motions and Outcomes:  The minutes of the January 14, 2015 meeting were approved.


Follow-up Actions and Who will do them:


l.   March 25th Public Meeting:  Larissa will develop  a poster so we can distribute it to the Lamoine Town Hall,  Lamoine Grocery Store,  Lamoine Consolidated School,  the transfer station,  Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce,  Ellsworth Library and the Maine Grind.   Linda will send a publicity write up to the local newspapers- the Ellsworth American and the Mt. Desert Islander.  Linda will send a note and the poster electronically to local town managers so they can post the information in their town halls and online.



   Doug will bring coffee and a coffee pot,  sugar and creamer.

   Larissa will bring a kettle with hot water for tea.

   Larry will bring the cups and a snack.

   Anne will bring cookies.


   Linda will bring spice cake.


   David and Nancy will bring snacks.


2.  Archives:  Larry and Larissa will continue to work on digitizing the archives.


3.  New procedures for the conservation award:  Anne will make the document corrections,  send them electronically to Linda and she will print out copies for the April meeting.


4.  GET WET!  When Linda hears back from the Ellsworth High School teacher about a confirmation on the dates,  she will e-mail LCC members to see who can volunteer to help with the testing.


5.  Ocean Acidification:  Larry will draft a letter from LCC in support of HP1174, LD 1602, item 1 to be sent to our local representatives.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.


Minutes were taken by ____________________ and approved on ____________.