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Minutes of January 14, 2015 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members present: Larry Libby, Chair; Anne LaBossiere, David Legere, Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart

 Alternate present: Nancy Pochan

 Alternate absent: Larissa Thomas

 Member of the public present: Willem Brutsaert

 Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby @ 7:03 p.m.

 Topics Discussed:

 1.Minutes of December 10, 2014 LCC meeting

2.      Planning Board Report-David Legere brought us up to date on the work being done by the Planning and Select Boards re: making the transition from the old to the new gravel ordinance a smoother process. These two boards will be engaging in workshops ,directed by the Select Board .to complete the task.   

3.  Big Trees-next steps? Larry suggested that Bob LaChance might be willing to take the lead on this project. Larry did go on online and check out Project Canopy.

4.  Blunts Pond-next steps? Larry reviewed what we had learned from Doug Stewart at our last meeting when he had shared highlights of his collaboration with Megan Facciolo, District Manager of the Hancock Soil and Water District. We will wait to hear from Megan re: when she will do the survey of the pond. We will then approach Christa Bray, chairman of the Lamoine Parks Commission to invite her participation.

 5. GET WET! January 21, 22-Linda reminded us that John Peckenham will be meeting with the students in Carol Duffy's class on Wednesday, January 21 @ 9:00 a.m. to orient all to the next day's testing of well water samples brought in by students. The testing of the water samples will be done under the direction of John Peckenham and volunteers at 8:30 a.m. on January 22nd.

6. Spring Public Meeting-Larry reported that he had e-mailed Linda Welch at the Fish and Wildlife Service's Office in Milbridge to let her know of the need to change the date due to the annual town meeting previously scheduled for our proposed date. Her topic will be “Effect of Climate Change on the Birds and Their Migratory Patterns.

 7.Archives-Larissa Thomas was unable to attend our meeting. Larry reported that no work has been done on digitizing the files in our archives.

 8. Others        

a. Larry announced that Frenchman Bay Partners is holding its annual meeting on Saturday, January 31st. He is planning to attend and willing to drive if others wish to join him. Larry is also planning to attend the Hancock County Planning workshop on “An Introduction to Brownfields and Their Reuse Potential.” This will be held on Thursday, Jan. 29th at the VFW Hall in Ellsworth.

b. David Legere is hoping to attend the Maine-New Hampshire Eelgrass Collaborators Meeting on Thurs. Jan. 22 @ MDIBL. Timing conflicts with GET WET! at school.

c. Larry will be participating in a bird watch sponsored by Schoodic Institute on 2/24.

 d. Lots of sharing re: sightings of ducks and the snowy owl.              

e. Linda Penkalski made copies of the section of Junkyard Planet by Adam Minter that pertained to single stream recycling.

9. Lamoine Conservation Award-Larry read us the “Procedures for Conservation Award. We voted for the nominees on individual slips of paper and selected a recipient.

Motions and Outcomes:

1.      Minutes of Dec. 10, 2014 approved as submitted.

2.      It was moved, seconded and approved to amend the “Procedures for Conservation Award” as follows:                        

                        In the Nomination    section:

                         Old version: “Any Citizen can nominate any eligible party, nominations must be in writing and given to the Lcc board.”

                        New version:  “Any Lamoine resident......” The rest remains the same.

                      Between the 3rd and 4th bullet of this section, the following was added: an interview will be held with each of the nominees before the January LCC meeting.”

                      In the Presentation section:

                      Old version: “We will announce the winner in the January Lamoine Quarterly and present at the Town Meeting-annually”

                      New version: “ We will present the award at the Town Meeting-annually. The winner/s will be announced in the Lamoine Quarterly, following the annual Town Meeting.

Follow-up Actions and who will do them:

 1.      Larry will call or  e-mail Bob Lachance to say we have an interest in the Big Tree Project and ask if he would be interested in attending an LCC meeting and taking the leadership on the BTP.

 2.      Doug will contact Megan Facciolo re: time frame for plant survey in Blunts Pond.

 3.      Linda will send e-mails to GET WET! Volunteers.

 4.      Larry will follow-up with Linda Welch re: a new date for public meeting.

 5.      Larry will check with Bob Pulver re: helping with digitizing archive files.

 6.      Larry will check with our selected conservation award recipient  to see if they would accept it.

 7.      Anne and Linda will interview the recipient of the conservation award  and write up the narrative for this award.

 8.      Doug will purchase the frame for the conservation award and have the name of this year's recipeint printed on a metal name plate to be added to the plaque that hangs in Town Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

Minutes taken by _____________________________and approved on______________.