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Minutes - May 13, 2015

Members present: Larry Libby, Chair, Anne LaBossiere, Doug Stewart, Linda Penkalski


Alternates present: Nancy Pochan,  Larissa Thomas


Absent: David Legere


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:10 PM.


Planning Board/Select Board Concerns: There were no members of the Planning or Select Boards present.


Topics Discussed:


1.   GET WET! Public Meeting June 10,  2015:  The meeting will be in the “Whale Room”  at Lamoine Consolidated School on June 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM.  The early start time is to encourage students to attend.  Linda will contact John Peckenham to get information for a writeup for the school newsletter,  The Ellsworth American and the Lamoine web-site.  Larissa will compose a flyer to be distributed at the school,  transfer station, Lamoine Town Hall and Lamoine Store.  The flyer will also be sent home with the students.  We will provide snacks.


2.  Suggestions for LCC gift cup:  Larry had information from a business in Sunset that can make up the mugs.  It costs $6.60 for full color mugs and we have to order a minimum of 48.  Larissa shared some photos and will contact Georgianna Pulver to see if we can use one of her photos.


3.  Spring shore clean-up:  David was not present and we are waiting for a possible date.


4.  Simon Trail bridging:  Iris is in touch with Randy,  Chairman of the Board of Frenchman Bay Conservancy,  who has constructed many bog bridges.  We need to develop a priority list of where to place the  bridges.  David said that he has bolts. Larry will contact David to see when a group of people can move the boards to the places where they will construct the  bridges. People who could move the boards could be Larry,  David, Doug, Jerry and John.  Then the actual construction can take place. 


5.  Track Trail Grant:  We will wait for another year to apply for a trails grant for the Track Trail.


6.  Simon Trail Sign:  A permit is needed before the sign can be hung.  Anne picked up the permit application and gave it to the Simons.  Either the Simons or Frenchman Bay Conservancy will complete the permit application.

7.  Potential Implications of sea level rise with climate change:  Lamoine has a full set of the updated National Flood Insurance Proposal Maps-Preliminary.  These maps include the revised FEMA 100 year flood lines.  Larry and Larissa went to the Hancock County Planning Commission to get an explanation of the maps.


    Fred Stocking wants input from LCC as they are planning the new Lamoine Comprehensive Plan.  Anne expressed concern about the high winds we are

experiencing and tree damage.  Nancy suggested a public meeting on climate change with a discussion on what Lamoine citizens are already observing.  Larissa distributed a suggested list of risks and actions for us to discuss at the July meeting. Larissa will e-mail the list to Fred and ask him if this is what he is looking for.  Larry will contact Perry Fowler and Chris Tadema-Wielandt,Lamoine’s representatives to the Hancock County Planning Board, about whether other towns comprehensive plans address climate change. He will also let them know what we are doing.


8.  Other:


Simon Trail Field Trip:  Linda spoke with the principal of Lamoine Consolidated School and no one has been recently trained in the Project Learning Tree curriculum.  She is enthusiastic about a Fall trip to learn tree identification for third and fourth grade students.  We do not need to rent a porta potty for a short trip. We will invite Iris and Jerry Simon to our July meeting to plan the trip.  We should plan it for the end of September to early October before it gets too cold.


Blunts Pond:  Doug suggested a field or family day for a Saturday in August to check out the natural features of the pond.  In the Fall Doug and Megan Facciolo,  District Manager of the Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation District, visited Blunts Pond.  Megan said she would come back in the Spring to conduct a survey of invasive plants.  Doug will contact her.  Larry will contact Christa Brey,  Lamoine Parks Commission Chair,  so we can plan this event together.


Road Clean Up:  It was mentioned that some of the roads have trash on the side.  Larry will contact Georgia Munsell to find out when crews will start a Spring clean up.


Motions and Outcomes: The minutes of the April 8, 2015 meeting were approved.


Follow-up Actions and Who Will Do Them:


1.  Linda will contact John Peckenham to get information about the June 10, 2015 GET WET! public meeting so the Lamoine Consolidated School Principal can include the information in her weekly newsletter.  Linda will also send the information to the Ellsworth American and Stu for the web-site.  Larissa will create a flyer to be distributed to the transfer station,  school,  Lamoine Town Hall and Lamoine General Store.


2.  For the GET WET! public meeting we will bring the following:


   Doug will bring the coffee pot and coffee

   Larissa will bring the tea pot and tea

   Larry will bring the cups and juice

   Anne will bring juice and cookies

   Linda will bake something

   David will bring some goodies


   Larry will also bring copies of some of the GET WET! scientific papers.


3.  Larissa will e-mail Georgiana Pulver to see if we can use one of her Lamoine photos for our LCC mug.


4.  Larry will contact David to see if he can help move the boards for the bog bridges at the Simon Trail after the  priority list of where to build the bridges is drawn up.  Other helpers might be Doug,  Larry,  Jerry and John.


5.  Either the Simons or Frenchman Bay Conservancy will fill out the permit for our sign at the Simon Trail.


6.  Larissa will send her climate change list of ideas for the Lamoine Comprehensive Plan to Fred Stocking to see if this is what kind of input he is looking from us.  We will discuss this list at the July meeting.


7.   Larry will contact Perry Fowler and Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Lamoine’s representatives to the Hancock County Planning Board,  about whether other towns’ Comprehensive Plans address climate change.  This way they will know what we are planning to do.


8.  Larry will invite Iris and Jerry Simon to our July meeting to discuss a Fall field trip for Lamoine Consolidated School students to the Simon Trail.


9.  Doug will contact Megan Facciolo, District Manager of the Hancock Soil and Water Commission,  to see if she can do a survey of invasive plants in Blunts Pond this Spring.


10.Larry will contact Christa Brey of the Lamoine Parks Commission to see if they want to arrange a field/family Day in August along with LCC.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM.


Minutes were taken by Anne Labossiere and approved on July 8, 2015.