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Minutes - August 12, 2015


Members Present:  Larry Libby, chair;  Linda Penkalski,  Larissa Thomas,  Doug Stewart


Member absent:  Anne LaBossiere


Alternate absent:  Nancy Pochan


Others in attendance:  Iris Simon,  David Sanderson


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:08 PM.


No comments from Planning Board/Select Board.


Topics discussed:


1.   Possible approach to strategic planning discussion in the Fall:  David Sanderson,  retired consultant,  handed out a Draft proposed agenda for a workshop on strategic direction for LCC.  The purpose will be to look at who we are,  where we are going,  weaknesses and concerns.  He said we will look internally ( strengths and weaknesses) and then do an external assessment of the environment in terms of the town of Lamoine,  Hancock County and Maine and their effect on LCC.  Instead of a formal mission statement David suggested that we develop a slogan for LCC-  a phrase that will capture the essential purpose. We will look at our priorities for the future.

David handed out a paper listing a few questions to prepare for the strategic planning session.  He asked us to write our ideas on the document so we can think about the questions before the September session.  We will be setting a strategic direction for LCC.

We will meet at the Lamoine School on Wednesday,  September 9, 2015 from  6:30-9:30 PM.  Linda will contact the school to see if we can use the “Whale Room”. Larry will contact Stu to see if he can order flip charts from WB Mason.  David will e-mail the two documents to Stu.


2.   School students hiking the Simon Trail:  Iris Simon wants to wait until either Spring or Fall,  2016 to start the hikes so we can prepare a curriculum.  The purpose of the hikes is to introduce the students to the Simon Trail and to teach them how to identify trees.  Iris and Linda will check out the Project Learning Tree curriculum online.  This could start with fifth grade students initially and then add fourth grade.   Linda will contact the school to ask which grade they think should be involved.  Linda will also ask them if we write our own curriculum  will be acceptable?  Larry, Larissa and Linda will help Iris.


3.  Coastal Clean-up:    Maine Coastweek is September 19-26, 2015.  Students and teachers from Bangor Job Corps will be at Lamoine State Park and Lamoine Beach on September 23, 2015,  so we do not need to clean up those two areas.  We will focus on Marlboro Beach and Seal Point on Saturday,  September 19,  2015.  We will get bags from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry that sponsors Maine Coastweek.  Larry has contacted Phyllis Mobraatten about helping.  He will  contact Jim  Norris,  Bob Pulver and Carol Korty,  too.  Larissa has a crew to help at Seal Point.  Low tide on September 19,  2014 is at 9 AM. 


4.   Select Board:  On the agenda for tomorrow night is our request to use $316.71 of     our funds for 72 Lamoine Conservation Commission mugs for our future presenters and others.


5.   Finding an alternate member for LCC:  There is a need for an alternate member.  We were asked to see if we know anyone who is interested.


6.   Next public meeting topic:  We discussed three suggestions:

 Motions and Outcomes:   The minutes of the July 8, 2015 meeting were approved as distributed.


Follow-up actions and who will do them:


1.  Linda will contact Lamoine School to reserve the “Whale Room”  for the September 9, 2015 strategic planning session.


2.  Larry will contact Stu to order flip charts from WB Mason for the September strategic planning session.


3.  David Sanderson will e-mail the two documents related to the September strategic planning session to Stu.


4.   Iris Simon and Linda will check out the Project Learning Tree Curriculum online.


5.   Linda will contact Lamoine School to ask them what grade they think will be appropriate for the tree identification/hike.  She will also ask them if we develop a curriculum will that be acceptable.


6.   Larry,   Larissa and Linda will work on the curriculum with Iris.

7.   We will volunteer to clean up Marlboro Beach and Seal Point on Saturday, September 19, 2015 during Coastweek,  2015.


8.   Larry will contact Jim Norris,  Bob Pulver and Carol Korty to ask if they can help.


9.   Larissa will contact her volunteers to help at Seal Point.


10.  We should all let Larry know who will help September 19, 2015.


11.  Larry will contact George Jacobson, Maine State Climatologist,  to ask if he can give a Fall public talk on  Climate Change.


12.  Larry will contact Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension,  to ask if can give a Fall public talk on alternative energy.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM.


Minutes taken by Linda Penkalski and approved on  _____________________.