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Minutes - October 12, 2016

Members Present: Larry Libby, Chair; Anne LaBossiere, Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart, Larissa Thomas

Alternates Present: Jeff Cosulich, Mike Jordan

Others in Attendance: Antonio Blasi

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:00 p.m.

Topics Discussed:

Comments from Planning Board/Select Board: None

Approval of September 14 Minutes

Hancock Community Gardens, interest in Lamoine

Prior to the meeting, all commissioners were given an envelope with information about these gardens obtained from Renata Moise on the September 2 visit to the gardens by Anne and Larry and some she had mailed after that. Anne led a discussion to explore whether we would hold a public meeting on a November Friday to give folks a chance to hear about the Hancock Community Garden from Renata and to perhaps “plant the seed” to consider if such a garden would work in our town. There was interest in doing this at a later date and perhaps scheduling a “talk and tour,” similar to the excellent one enjoyed by Anne and Larry, at the Hancock Community Garden. It was mentioned that finding land to site such a garden and identifying some Lamoine residents interested in having and organizing it would be next steps. Mike Jordan said that there does seem to be a great deal of interest in having a community center and perhaps a garden area might be something that would be considered for inclusion somewhere in the town.

Public meeting on composting, recycling was described by Doug Stewart. Doug will get more information regarding what the proposed presenter, Mark King, environmental specialist with the Department of Environmental Protection Sustainability Division, might include in a talk covering composting and recycling. The dates of March 15, 22, April 12 are options from our end.

Logo for resusable bags will be determined by giving students at the Lamoine School an opportunity to submit their designs for consideration by the LCC. Larissa Thomas' draft of the guidelines for submitting a design was well received. A few suggestions were made and noted on the sheets that will be amended and distributed to students at the school.

Possible changes to the LCC Ordinance were reviewed with the goal being to make our activities consistent with the ordinances. Larry walked us through the recommendations.

There were several topics listed under other.

      The status of the Pinkham Picnic Area was discussed at length. Appreciation was expressed about the time and effort that Ken Smith contributed to the proposed venture. The outcome of all of this is still undecided. Mitigating factors seem to be that there just might not be enough land for such an area. Larry and Ken have carefully read the Shoreland Protection Zone Regulations. There was talk about the possibility of getting the zoning changed to a Commercial Fisheries and Maritime Activities District.

     Larissa and Jeff reported on the September Shoreland Clean-up. Larissa and her fellow volunteer raced against the incoming tide to collect six bags of trash. Jeff collected two bags at Lamoine State Park. Both lamented that there was nothing extremely interesting in this year's haul.

     The special subcommittee concerned about shore access for wormers, clammers and recreators, chaired by Kathleen Rybarz, has been busy. In addition to Rybarz, Jeff, Larry and Aaron Dougherty will be going to see two parcels. One is on Shore Road and the other one is accessed across from the Miro Property. A meeting will be held in November and another in December to follow-up on next steps to be taken and to share information obtained by the committee in their field work.

     Conservation Award for this coming year will be discussed at the November meeting.

Linda mentioned that the status of GET WET!  She will be contacting John Peckenham to see about his involvement going forward with us in this project.

Motions and Outcomes:

The minutes of the September 14 meeting were approved as distributed.

It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the changes to the LCC Ordinance, as discussed, and to bring the amended doctrine to the planning board for their consideration.

Follow-up Actions and Who Will Do them

     Hancock Community Garden-Anne will e-mail Renata Moise to let her know that we will not be offering a public meeting on this topic in November. She will present the idea of having an LCC public meeting/talk tour at the garden.

    Public Meeting on Composting, Recycling- Doug will contact Mark King re: an agenda and the best date for such a meeting.

     Logo For Reusable Bags-Linda will contact Betty Eaton, Administrative Assistant at the Lamoine School to confirm plans for the distribution of the guidelines and the collection of entries to the contest.

     Possible Changes to the LCC Ordinance-Larry will briefly mention our interest in updating this when he attends the meeting with all the other chairs of community committees to be held by the Select Board on October 20. He will send our suggestions to the Planning Board as our LCC ordinance requires us to do if changes are proposed.

     Pinkham Picnic Area-Larry will talk with Fred Stocking to see if we are missing any pertinent information that would let LCC know if this project is feasible and steps needed to make it conform to specific laws and ordinances.

     Tree -ID Project-Next steps will depend on what the Lamoine School would find useful for inclusion in the next school activity that would involve the Simon Woods Trail.

     Shore Access-Larry and Jeff will join Kathleen Rybarz to go see two parcels of land on October 13 that are under consideration.

     Conservation Award-We will discuss this at the November meeting.

     GET WET! -Linda will contact John Peckenam.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Minutes taken by Anne LaBossiere and approved on ____________________.