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Minutes - April 13, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members present: Larry Libby, chair; Anne LaBossiere, Larissa Thomas, Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart

Alternate present: Nancy Pochan

Alternate absent: Jeff Cosulich

Others in Attendance: Annie Crisafulli, associate member and Carol Korty, associate member

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:05 p.m.

Comments from Planning Board/Select Board: None

Topics Discussed:

1.     Minutes of the February 10, 2016 meeting

2.      Possible project on re-useable shopping bags-Annie Crisafulli, associate member, opened this discussion by showing us a couple of these bags. She estimated that it would cost between $1.00-$2.50 per bag, depending on the amount of printing on it. Regardless of the vendor, there will be a fee of approximately $45.00 to cover the cost of the set up for the logo/logos chosen. We brainstormed how to select a logo and whether or not it would be a good idea to check in with local businesses to see if any had an interest in contributing to the cost of the bags' purchase and having the titles/logos of their businesses printed on them. There was also a question of whether to give the bags away or sell them. Thought was given to whether or not it would be possible to have students in the Lamoine School submit some drawings relevant to the environment for our consideration. Where to sell them was also explored.

3.      Mailers-Larissa Thomas, in response to our previous discussions on how to provide more Lamoine residents with useful information related to environmental and home energy concerns, presented some sample mailers  and the cost of printing and mailing them to all Lamoine citizens. After discussion of this topic,  no further action of the commission will be taken at this time. The group acknowledged how much thought, time and energy had been expended by Larissa. It was suggested that we, individually, think of a more economical way that this worthy goal might be accomplished and bring these ideas forward at an appropriate time.

4.      Plans for public meeting on May 4th-This will be held at 7:00 p.m. @ the Lamoine School. Title of presentation: Rethinking Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Communities and Individuals. The speaker is Dr. Anna Demeo, Director of Energy Education and Management at the College of the Atlantic.  Penkalski has prepared a write-up to be given to the Ellsworth American a week or so in advance. Larissa has made a poster to be duplicated and posted at the usual places around the town or in places frequented by Lamoine residents in Ellsworth.There's an article in last LQ.

5.      Possible Blunts Pond Event-Doug Stewart has been unable to connect with Megan Facciolo, District Manager of the Hancock Soil and Water District. It is on his “To Do List.” We recalled that August seemed to be our target date for the event.

6.      Cold Spring Water Company Trail-Larry Libby, Jeff Cosulich and Carol Korty recently walked on the one mile trail. It was Larry's opinion that this trail is enjoyed by a lot of diverse groups-dog walkers, ATVers, skiers, walkers, runners, etc. The question seems to be , “If LCC were to get involved, what would we do? Carol Korty suggested that we might contact John Holt and offer our assistance on trail maintenance. It was decided that it was not appropriate to list this trail with the other trails in town at this time.

7.      Electronics Pick-up, June 25th- It was decided that we would like to be a part of this project. It seems as though the Lamoine Girl Scouts might also be on hand to assist that day which would be great.

8.      Other

a.  Follow-up on 2016 Award Presentation-Great picture in Lamoine Quarterly.  Important to remind recipient/s to be there at 5:45 to be sure to be in the photo. Next year, we should send a notice for inclusion in the Ellsworth  American about the award and its recipients

b. Farming in Lamoine-Some discussion re: just what comes under the umbrella of farming. Larry decided that he would like to get a first hand look at Lamoine's farms, irregardless of size. To do this, he suggested perhaps Mike Jordan would join him, Doug Stewart and Jeff Cosulich in checking these operations out. The first step will be acquainting themselves with what and where they are.

c. Tree I.D. On Simon Trail- Linda mentioned that some of us will be meeting on May 18th with Chris James, 8th grade science teacher.

d. Open land near S Curve on Mud Creek RD-Anne mentioned that she had spoken with Stu and learned the land is in a private trust.

e. Get Wet ! @ Ellsworth High School-Linda contacted John Peckenham. He is unable to do it this spring. We decided not to do this on our own.

f.  Regular meeting on May 11 ? To be determined after a review of the notes to see if there are items needing to be addressed before the June LCC meeting. If so, perhaps the meeting could be brief.                                             

Motions and Outcomes: The minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Follow-up actions and who will do them:

1.      Re-useable shopping bags- Annie Crisafulli will assume the leadership in this project and will come to the next regular meeting with more specifics to share with us. Linda will check with the principal to see if it would be feasible to meet with the art teacher re: student involvement in the creation of a possible logo for the bags that would be relevant to the environment.

2.      May 4th Refreshments-Larry: our collection of mugs and one of the LCC mugs to present to the speaker and something edible; Linda: brownies; Doug: coffee pot, coffee, milk, sugar; Anne: nuts; Jeff: pretzels?  Nancy: juice or cider; Larissa: electric tea pot, tea bags, something edible. Larry will firm up video taping of program or we'll borrow town's video.

 3.  Blunts Pond-Doug will continue efforts to contact Megan Facciolo .

 4.  Cold Springs Water Company Trail-Larry will contact John Holt to express our interest, willingness to help and ask him to keep us in the loop. 

 5.Electronics Pick-up: Larry will check with associate members to see if they could help him, Linda, Larissa and Anne with this project.

 6. Farming in Lamoine-Larry will check with Mike Jordan for help on this.

7. Open land near S turn on Mud Creek Rd.-Larry to check with Fred Stocking re: an earlier conversation with the landowners.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 

Minutes were taken by Anne LaBossiere and approved on _______________.