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Minutes - June 8, 2016


Members present:  Larry Libby, chair:  Anne LaBossiere, Linda Penkalski,  Larissa Thomas,  Doug Stewart


Alternate member present:  Jeff Cosulich


Alternate member absent:  Nancy Pochan


Others in attendance:  Iris Simon,  Carol Korty, Jane Fowler


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:05 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.  Comments from the planning board/select board:  no comments.


2.   Approval of the April 13, 2016 minutes.


3.   Update on Tree I.D. project with Lamoine School:  Iris reported out that the sub-committee met twice with Chris James at Lamoine Consolidated School.  We all agree that he is very enthusiastic about the program.  He said that we should take the 4th and 5th grade students in the Fall as they will learn science together next year and it is a small group.  We will take them to the Simon Wood Trail twice-  once to become familiar with the trail and for trail etiquette and the second time to identify about 12 trees.  Chris showed us the Acadia Junior Ranger Book and we talked about how we can adopt some of the activities for our walk.    It was suggested that Iris and Larissa work on a cover for the booklet the students will receive- perhaps with a photograph of students on the trail.  Iris said that the students will receive a FBC backpack.  We said that we should go into the classroom before the trips to introduce ourselves to the students.  We need to set up another meeting this summer and Linda will develop a task list and send it to the sub-committee and Chris.



4.   Electronic waste pick-up,  June 25th:  At the Lamoine Transfer Station.

     8-10:30 AM-  Jeff and Ann

     10:30AM-1 PM: Larissa and Larry

     11AM-1PM-: Linda


5.   Possible contributions to the July Lamoine Quarterly:  Larissa had e-mailed three entries to us based on information from Dr.  Demeo’s May 4th public talk, ”Rethinking Energy-Opportunities and Challenges for Communities and Individuals”.


 We discussed each of them separately and voted to send in items 1 and 2,  but not  item 3.  It was suggested that items 1 and 2 could be condensed to one item and Larissa will work on that and send it to Stu for the Quarterly.


6.   Proposal for re-usable bags:  Annie Crisafulli could not come to the June meeting.  The Lamoine School Principal said that they will be happy to distribute a flyer to students and parents  announcing a competition to design a logo for the bags.  We will design the flyer.  We will wait until the Fall to distribute the flyer.  We need to look into the cost of the bags first.  The purpose of these bags is to reduce waste which is in keeping or role as stewards of the environment.


7.   Potential public meeting on Lamoine area geology:  Linda has contacted Duane and Ruth Braun,  local geologists, about presenting an August 10th public talk.  They have done other presentations in Hancock County and have just written a book on the geology of Mt. Desert Island.  The book will cost $20 and they will bring copies with them for sale.  They will talk about Lamoine geology,  climate change effects on Lamoine and MDI geology.


8. S turn picnic area-LCC role with Parks Commission: This is on the Mud Creek Road. Town permits are not an issue.  It involves shoreland zoning and there is a question as to who should be contacted- is it Hancock Planning Commission? Larry has contacted the Maine DOT to see about putting in a driveway.  Ken Smith said he would look at the location.  It is in private ownership,  but she is willing to have a picnic area there.  It is in farmland and a trust and she would have to pay a penalty if it comes out of farmland.  The Parks Commission will manage it if this happens.  It is a great place to watch shore birds and many people do that already.


9.  Other:


Report on recycling conference, May 4th:  Doug attended.  It was less productive than last year’s conference.  One session was about school recycling programs and that was informative.  Doug saw a design for a new compost container constructed from wire like that used to make lobster traps. They are better than the plastic ones because they let in the air.  We could possibly sell them as they become available.


Frenchman Bay Partners Meeting:  Carol Korty reported out on their annual meeting.  Some topics discussed were the return of eel grass, ecology and physical wellness of clam diggers, water quality of the Gulf of Maine and rockweed harvesting.



Motions and Outcomes:


1.  The minutes of the April 13, 2016 meeting were approved as distributed.


2.  Motions were made to discuss the three possible entries to be submitted to Stu for the July Lamoine Quarterly.  The first two entries were approved to send to Stu and the third was not.  Larissa with drew the third entry.



Follow-up actions and who will do them:

1.   Linda will develop a task list for what we have to do before our tree identification walks with Lamoine students.  We will e-mail dates to Chris and the sub-committee so we can meet over the summer.


2.   Iris and Larissa will design a cover for our tree identification booklet.


3.   LCC members will volunteer to help at the Electronic Waste Pick-Up June 25th at the Lamoine Transfer Station.


4.   Larissa will rewrite her first two entries based on Dr. Demeo’s May 4th  public talk into one entry for submission to the July Lamoine Quarterly.


5.   Larry will contact Annie Crisafulli  to invite her to our July meeting with dollar amounts for the recyclable bags.


6.   Linda will contact Betty at Lamoine School to see if we can use the Whale room on August 10th for our public meeting.


7.   Linda will contact Stu to put in an announcement about the August 10th public meeting in the July Lamoine Quarterly.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.


Minutes taken by _________________________  and approved on_______________.