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Minutes - September 14, 2016


Members Present:  Larry Libby, chair;  Linda Penkalski,  Larissa Thomas


Alternate members present:   Jeff Cosulich,  Mike Jordan


Members absent:  Anne LaBossiere,  Doug Stewart


Others in attendance:  Kathleen Rybarz,  Annie Crisafulli


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:02 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.  Welcome to Mike Jordan,  new alternate member.


2.  Comments from the planning board/select board:  no comments.


3.  Approval of the July 13, 2016 minutes.


4.  Possible project to improve access to mud flats:  Kathleen Rybarz, Select Board, told us that there are only three public access points for recreational use and

    harvesting resources.  Some private property owners allow access to the flats.  She contacted Land for Maine’s Future and they still have money left for this year.  The

    money can be used to purchase land and for access.  Kathleen would prefer to also put in a restroom facility and water for drinking,  washing boots, etc.  She is looking for 4-7

    people for a committee to fundraise, write grants,  do a mailing to Lamoine citizens to ask for their input( some may consider putting an easement on their property).  There

    are a couple of land owners Kathleen knows who might be interested in selling their properties for this purpose.  Jeff volunteered to be on the committee.  Larry said he

    can help.  Larry will ask Doug if he is interested.  The Lamoine Park Commission will also be involved as this will be a park.  Kathleen will get back to Larry after she meets

    with the shellfish and worming groups.


5.  Tree ID walk on September 12th:  Larry, Linda and Anne along with Iris Simon took the 12 Lamoine fifth grade students and their science teacher,  Tracy Willis, on the

     Simon Woods Trail.  The students used the tree ID sheets developed by Larissa and Iris to identify 12 numbered trees on the trail.  Students were enthusiastic,  well

     behaved and curious.  We will be happy to take other student groups on the trail in the future.  Students were encouraged to come back with their families as the

     numbers will stay on the trees through October.  Larry dropped off LCC mugs to Tracy and Chris James(middle school science teacher who helped us) and a Maine

     Tree Book for Tracy.


6.  LCC ordinance.  Any changes to suggest?:   Larry e-mailed suggested changes to the Ordinance to establish the Lamoine Conservation Commission.  We talked about some of the changes,  but decided to think about the changes for another month.  We will wait until the October meeting to make a final decision on what we want the ordinance to say and then we can submit it to the Select Board.  Larry will check with Carol Korty and Fred Stocking for some history of  the Planning Board’s involvement with LCC.


7.  Recycle bags:  Annie Crisafulli reported that the company she suggests is   We can get 250 bags for $0.85 each.  There are a variety of colors.

    We can sell them at LCC events,  LCA events, Town Meetings and at the transfer station.  We want to promote a LOGO design contest with Lamoine Consolidated

    School students.  Larissa will design a flyer to promote the contest.


8.  Shoreline Clean-up, September 17:  Larry phoned Lamoine State Park and they did not have a plan.  Jeff will do the Lamoine State Park from 7:30-9:30 AM on Saturday,

    September 17th.  Larissa will have a group clean up the Skillings River,  south of Seal Point on Sunday at 8:30 AM.  It was suggested to bring an extra bag to for #2

    Plastics so they can be recycled.


9.  S-turn picnic area:  Jeff reported that the Parks Commission is ready to get an engineer to build a driveway and parking lot.  Ken Smith is willing to do the survey

    and he thinks there are some spots that are 100 feet from the mean high tide mark. Mike said that it is closer than the 100 feet.  If it can be rezoned as a commercial

    fisheries and maritime activities district the parking lot and driveway can be less than 100 feet from the mean high tide mark. The owner is willing to donate the land

    and Fred Stocking will handle the transfer.


10.  Other: Recycling-  We can no longer bring our glass to be recycled at the transfer station.  People were throwing in items other than glass and it was contaminated.

      It was suggested that we might help Chris Meyer out to  make sure that people are not contaminating the bins as they recycle.  Hermon does single stream

      recycling and it was stated that Gouldsboro might,  too.


Motions and Outcomes:


1.   The minutes of the July 13, 2016 meeting were approved as distributed.


2.   A motion was made to move ahead with the recycle bags and promote a LOGO design contest at Lamoine Consolidated School.


Follow-up actions and who will do them:


1.   Jeff and Larry will volunteer to be on a committee to help Kathleen Rybarz on a project to improve access to Lamoine’s mud flats.  Larry will ask Doug if

     he can be on the committee,  too.


2.   Everyone will look at the Ordinance to establish LCC and the suggested changes Larry e-mailed, and be ready to discuss them at the October meeting.


3.   Larry will check with Carol Korty and Fred Stocking for some history of the Planning Board’s involvement with LCC.


4.   Larissa will develop a flyer announcing the LOGO design contest for Lamoine Consolidated School students.


5.   Jeff and Larissa and others will be involved in the Shoreline Clean-Up on September 17-18.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.


Minutes taken by _________________________________ and approved