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Minutes, December 14, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)


Members Present:  Larry Libby, chair: Anne LaBossiere,  Linda Penkalski,  Larissa Thomas, Doug Stewart


Alternate members present:   Jeff Cosulich, Mike Jordan


Others in attendance:  Bob Pulver,  Elizabeth McMillen


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:05 PM.


Topics discussed:


1.  No comments from the Planning/Select Boards.


2.  Approval of the November 9, 2016 minutes.


3.  Future of Get WET!: John Peckenham will not be available to organize GET WET! at the Lamoine School with 5th and 6th grade students as he has a new full time job elsewhere.  We discussed whether we can handle the one hour power point presentation and the water quality testing.  We will be able to continue what John started as we have an experienced crew of people to help.  John can meet Linda over the vacation and give her the materials for the testing.  The power point is available online as are the permission slips.  After the testing John can take the water samples and results to the University of Maine so the results can be recorded.


4.  LCC Ordinance:  We looked at the proposed amendments to the wording of “An Ordinance to Establish the Lamoine Conservation Commission”.  We approved the changes contingent upon the wording in the first paragraph changes to read- The terms of alternate Commission members will be three years with the option of renewal.


5.  Logo contest for reusable bags:  There were 22 entries from Lamoine School students.  Elizabeth McMillen,  local artist,  helped us choose the winners.  We chose two winners and two honorable mention entries.  Larissa will make the pictures camera ready to use on  the reusable bags.  Thanks to Elizabeth for her artist’s eye!!!


6.  Public meeting on composting- March 22, 2017:  Doug has verified that Mark King, Environmental Specialist, Maine Department of Environmental Protection Sustainability Division, will be the guest speaker.  The presentation will solely be on composting.


7.  Update on Shore Access subcommittee:  Jeff has pulled together a website for everyone to see at  Included on the website are photographs,  maps,  etc. of various available shore properties.  There will be a mailing to everyone in Lamoine in January.  Larry,  Jeff and the committee have looked at some of the properties.


8.  Community garden update:  Anne will ask Renata Moise about a time in April for folks to visit Hancock’s Community Garden.  At the March 22nd Compost Public Talk  we can ask for the names of people interested in visiting the Hancock Community Garden in April.


9.  Great Pond Land Trust,  Orland:  Larissa sent out the materials pertaining to the Simon Tree Walk to some Bucksport teachers interested in modifying the materials for a tree walk at Great Pond Trust.  Four of the teachers walked the Simon Trail to see how we organized the walk.


10.  Pinkham Park Project: Fred Stocking recommends that we propose rezoning the Pinkham land from Resource Protection to a Commercial Fisheries and Marine Activities zone to enable the development of a picnic area and access to the  shore. There will need to be a warrant at the March Town Meeting for the town to take ownership and for the rezoning to take place.  There still needs to be funding for the parking lot,  driveway and picnic tables.  Larry, Ken Smith and Mike sketched out where the driveway and parking lot will be.  Permission must still be received from the Maine DOT to build the driveway.


11.  Lamoine Recycling:  We looked at Stu’s recycling report as prepared for the Selectmen.  Blue Hill-Surry is now doing single stream recycling. Explanation for the reduced volume of recycling material sold to the processor is not clear. LCC does not plan to focus further on recycling but would respond if asked by the Select Board.


12.   Simon Trail:  Iris is working with Frenchman Bay Conservancy to put in the bog bridges on the trail  We can help if they need us.


13.  2017 Conservation Award:  We met to discuss the nominees.


Motions and Outcomes:


1.   The minutes of the November 9, 2016 meeting were approved as distributed.


2.   A motion was approved to change the wording to “An Ordinance to Establish the Lamoine Conservation Commission” contingent upon the wording in the first paragraph changes to- The terms of alternate commission members will be three years with the option of renewal.


Follow-up actions and who will do them:


1.   Linda will call Dawn,  Principal of Lamoine School,  to ask if LCC can do the GET WET! power point presentation and water quality testing.  Linda will e-mail Chris James for dates for GET WET!


2.   Linda will call Dawn to let her know that we have chosen two winners and two honorable mention winners for the LCC Recyclable Bag competition.  We want to announce the winners at an assembly in 2017,  if that is possible.  We would like all of the drawings hung of the walls of the school.


3.   Larissa will make the drawings camera ready to be placed on the recyclable bags.


4.  Doug will contact Mark King,  Maine DEP,  for a brief bio and for the name of his March 22nd compost talk.  Doug will ask him if he has a “door prize”  we can give that night.


5.  Anne will contact Renata Moise for a date in April when we can visit the Hancock Community Garden.


6.   Larry will speak with Stu about the recycling process and where we stand.


7.   Larry will follow through on more information about one of the 2017 Conservation Award nominees.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 PM.


Minutes taken by ______________________________ and approved on ________________________________.