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Minutes, January 11, 2017

Members Present:  Larry Libby, chair;  Larissa Thomas,  Anne LaBossiere,  Linda Penkalski,  Doug Stewart


Alternate members present:  Jeff Cosulich,  Mike Jordan


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:03 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.   Comments from the planning board/select board:  no comments.


2.   Approval of the December 14, 2016 minutes.


3.   Publicity for the March 22, 2017 public meeting:  Doug passed around copies of Mark King’s biography.  We still need the title for the composting program and a brief description about his talk.  Larissa will make up a flyer and Linda will write a press release once we get the information from Doug.


4.   GET WET! on January 25th and 26th:  On January 25th Linda and Larry will use the power point program to introduce GET WET!  to the 5th and 6th grade students in the Whale Room at Lamoine School.  Linda will meet John Peckenham this weekend to get the materials and she will drop them off at the school next week.  We have many volunteers to help with the water testing on January 26th.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at the school at 8:30 AM on January 26th to help set up the tables in the gym and for training.


5.   Next step for tote bags:  Larissa e-mailed the Logo to us and we thank her for organizing the student’s pictures.  They are now camera ready.  We can get 150 bags for approximately $200.  Larry will contact Stu to start the approval procedure with the selectmen.


6.   Visit to Hancock Community Garden:  Anne contacted Renata Moise about April dates to visit the garden.  It was suggested that we go in May when the water system will be set up so we can see how it functions.  In April there is usually an "all gardener" meeting at the Hancock Town Hall on a Saturday morning where new gardeners are welcomed, bylaws are discussed and a few more items pertinent to the gardens are mentioned.  Anne will try to attend this meeting.  Anne will have a sign-up sheet at our March 22nd public meeting so folks can sign up to attend the May visit to the garden.


7.   Shore access survey:  The survey is on-line for Lamoiners to take.  Go to to fill out the survey.  Jeff will speak with Stu to link the Town website to the Lamoine Shore Access website.




Motions and Outcomes:


1.  The minutes of the December 14, 2016 meeting were approved as distributed.


Follow-up actions and who will do them:


1.   Doug will contact Mark King for the title and a short description of the March 22nd composting public talk.  He will e-mail Linda and Larissa this information.


2.   Larissa will make up a flyer for the March 22nd public talk.


3.   Linda will write up a press release for the March 22nd public talk.


4.  Responsibilities for the March 22nd public talk:

    Larry-  cups and cookies

    Linda- bake

    Doug-  coffee,  sugar and cream

    Larissa-  tea

    Anne-  juice, nuts

    Jeff-  pretzels

    Mike-  napkins,  paper cups for juice


5.   Larry will contact Stu to start the approval of $200 from our budget for the recyclable bags.


6.   Anne will contact Renata Moise to see what dates in May are available for a visit to the Hancock Community Garden.


7.   Jeff will contact Stu to link the Town website to the Lamoine Shore Access site so Lamoiners can fill out the survey.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.


Minutes taken by _________________________________  and approved on _______________________________.