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Minutes - February 8, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


Members present: Larry Libby, Chair; Anne LaBossiere, Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart, Larissa Thomas

Alternate member present: Jeff Cosulich

Absent alternate member: Mike Jordan

Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Libby at 7:03 p.m.

Topics Discussed:

1. Comments from Planning/Select Board: No comments

2. Approval of the Minutes of the January 11, 2017 meeting

3.Tote bags and presentation at Town Meeting:  Larissa reported that 150 tote bags had been      ordered and were expected to be delivered within the next few business days. Stu has designated a few minutes before the official start of the town meeting for Larry to acquaint the public with the tote bag contest and its winners. We decided that it might be more meaningful for the students if we   contacted the school to see if we might present the prizes at the school assembly on March 3. Entries would be displayed that day in a space designated by the school's principal. It was also suggested that it might be fun to have Elizabeth McMillen, the local artist who helped us in the selection of the contest winners, join us at the assembly if her schedule permitted. Sale of the tote bags might take place at the end of the town meeting if permission is received to do that. Larissa volunteered to be our sales rep. We will also have some available for purchase at the March 22nd public meeting on composting. The sale price of $1.00 per bag was agreed upon.                                                                                                                  

4. March 22 public meeting: Doug said that everything is set to go. We had all signed up for what we would bring for refreshments at our last meeting

5. Follow-up on GET WET! Kudos were given to Linda, all the volunteers, the fifth and sixth graders, Carol Duffy and Chris James for the parts they played in making this a very positive and well run activity. More equipment, supplies and chemicals will be needed for next year. Linda P. has proactively been looking for some funding sources that might be receptive to funding a grant for us to purchase what is needed to continue with the program. Linda is projecting that approximately $1,000 would be sufficient. She checked with the Maine Community Foundation and learned that we need a community partner/sponsor to meet the grant guidelines. Larry will touch base with Jane Disney at MDI Biological Laboratory and with Mike Risoldi who does some water quality testing with the DEP to see if either or both would be interested in partnering with LCC in GET WET!       

 Bob Pulver is also interested in assisting with the grant application process, too.                                 

6.Shore Access Sub-committee: Jeff provided some feedback on this committee's website and noted that 27 people have completed the survey. He mentioned that there will be a warrant at the March 8th  town meeting re: the purchase of a property on Marlboro Beach by the town. If this is passed by voters, the second warrant to use $10,000 from the town's conservation fund to kick off the fund raising drive for the town to purchase the Marlboro Beach Property will be voted upon. There are other shore properties being looked at by this committee to possibly bring forward for consideration in the future. Cathi Goebel, chair of the Lamoine Parks Commission will draft a letter to the Selectboard asking them to accept a donation of land located at Pinkham Park.   

7.Community Garden Public Meeting in May: Anne reported that Friday May 26th and Wed. May 31st are under consideration to propose for a visit to the Hancock Community Garden by           Lamoiners interested in the concept of community gardens and perhaps even the possibility of establishing one in our town at a future date. We will be getting some indication from possible            participants as to date and time of day that might work best for this visit.                                                                                   

8. Need a regular meeting in March? It was decided to not have one as we have a pretty busy March.

Motions and Outcomes: It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of the January 11th meeting as distributed.                                                                                                                                

Follow-up actions and who will do them:                                                                                                                                                                                        

1.Tote bags: Anne will pick up two $10.00 Reny Gift Cards. Larissa will sell tote bags at end of town meeting. Linda will touch base with the school to firm up details of our presentation at the assembly.

2. March 22nd Public Meeting Presentation: Larissa will send us all copies of the poster. Linda will do the write-up for inclusion in the Ellsworth American and ask Stu to post a poster on town website.  

Volunteers will put posters at the usual places-YMCA, Lamoine Town Hall, School,Transfer Station and Market. Linda will also send posters to designated folks in area communities.                                                   

3.GET WET! Linda will return materials borrowed from John Peckenham. Larry will check with Jane Disney and Mike Risoldi re: their interest in partnering with us on this activity.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


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