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Minutes - August 8, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Members Present:  Larissa Thomas, chair; Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart, Kerry Diskin, Jeff Cosulich


Alternate members present:  Diane Nicolls, Michael Jordan


Others in Attendance:  Lamoine resident Carol Korty


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Thomas at 7:00 PM.


Minutes from the July 11, 2018 meeting were approved as submitted.



Topics Discussed:


1.    Solar power for Town’s electricity usage:

Larissa and Mike will attend School Board meeting 8/14/18 to discuss the feasibility of installing solar panels on the school to provide electricity for town purposes.

2.    Blunts Pond coliform bacteria testing results


Kerry reported the results were negative for E. coli. She said that typically retesting only takes place if there is a report or complaint of suspected contamination, It was decided not to do anymore testing this year, but we would test again next year regardless.


3.    Blunts Pond event final planning


Doug reported that all the preparations are proceeding smoothly. Some last minute items / tasks / decisions included:

            --- Doug will lead a scheduled trail walk

--- the scavenger hunt will be taking place throughout the day. Larissa will pick up some “prizes” for the participants and print off some Hunt Cards that will depict the items being scavenged by the kids.

--- All should bring along a trash can / container to collect recyclable materials

--- Mike will bring 3 folding tables and Larissa can bring 1 also

--- Doug will bring 12 folding chairs

--- the Snowmobile Club has approved parking for the event on their property

--- Doug is getting some signage that will point out “Blunts Pond This Way

--- Linda will put an advertisement / write-up in the Ellsworth American

--- Larissa is submitting a $200 petty cash request to Select Board to reimburse for any miscellaneous expenses associated with the event

--- All committee members should arrive at the park by 9:00am to help set-up


4.    Maine Coastweek Coastal Cleanup - September 15–22, 2018.


Based on the projected tide schedule, it was decided to have our local cleanup be on Saturday September 15 at 10:00am. Several sections along the Skillings River will be covered by Larissa, Diane & Kerry. Since last year’s cleanup at the State Park didn’t produce a lot of refuse, it was determined to consider other waterfront areas. Carol Korty offered to check with her neighbor to see if they would mind allowing access through their property as an alternative. If not, we will probably tackle the eastern shore of the State Park towards Lamoine Beach / Raccoon Cove.



5.    Upcoming GET WET! Blunts Pond launch

Linda has been working hard on identifying the necessary equipment and where it can be procured at reasonable rates. She has been in touch with an individual, Tom Lawrence, who has generously offered to donate some supplies for free. We discussed the fact that Blunts Pond is actually too shallow to perform some of the more advanced testing that was being considered, so for now we will be ordering just the equipment and supplies that will make the most sense to be used at the pond.

6.    Upcoming Simon Tree Walk

There will be a pre-walk with Iris Simon on Tuesday September 4 at 10:00am to place numbers of the trees and finalize any other details. It will last approximately 1 hour. The walk with the 5th grade class is scheduled for Monday September 10th, with a rain date of Monday September 17th.


7.    Public presentation for the fall


After a brief discussion of potential speakers for the October presentation, everyone was in agreement about having Professor Brian Beal from U. Maine – Machias School of Marine Sciences [ ]. Linda has been in touch with Professor Beal to pin down the specifics and title of his talk which is scheduled for October 10th. The final details will be available for our September meeting


8.    Future initiatives


No additional future initiatives were raised at the meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 PM.


Minutes taken by ______Jeff Cosulich___________ and approved on ____________________________.