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Minutes - November 14, 2018


Members Present: Larissa Thomas, chair; Kerry Diskin, Jeff Cosulich


Members Absent: Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart


Alternate Members Present: Michael Jordan


Alternate Members Absent: Diane Nicholls


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Larissa Thomas at 7:00 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.    Solar power for Town’s electricity usage:

The discussion regarding the potential siting of solar equipment included the school property, the potential new Community Center and the sand / salt shed at the transfer station. With the school’s projected remodeling schedule and scope and the unknown status of the Community Center, it was proposed to advocate for a project at the sand / salt shed. This proposal was approved 4 – 0. Larissa will request the Select Board to obtain 3 bids from contractors for a power purchase agreement tied to a solar array sited on the sand / salt shed and scaled to cover the Town’s total annual electricity usage.

2.    Shoreland zone ordinance – problems spotlighted by recent K & T Rentals violations.


The primary focus of the commission’s discussion was the lack of sufficient penalties for violations of the Shoreland Zone Ordinance to serve as a deterrent. Two options were discussed to address the problem: 1) proposing that the Planning Board consider changes to the Shoreland Zone Ordinance that would require permitting and oversight by the Code Enforcement Officer for clearing activities not considered commercial timber harvesting; and 2) requesting that the Select Board impose more severe penalties on violators. The second option was approved 4 – 0. Larissa will communicate the LCC’s opinion to the Select Board.



3.    Lamoine 150 LCC hosted event and Participation in Day of Service


As part of the upcoming Lamoine 150 celebration, the LCC has decided to host a presentation open to the public by Dr. Rick Will, a Maine archaeologist. The presentation on Lamoine Before Lamoine will focus on highlights of the area’s prehistory and the indigenous peoples that resided in this area for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans.


Also in association with the Lamoine 150 celebration, the LCC will organize a Day of Service during Maine Coastweek, coordinating the participation of local residents in the annual Coastal Cleanup effort. This will most likely be in September 2019.



4.    Maine Coastweek Coastal Cleanup Recap

There was a moderate level of participation in this year’s cleanup effort but the results for trash removal from the shoreline virtually equaled last year’s. It was decided to continue the commission’s and the community’s involvement in this important endeavor in the upcoming years, and the LCC hopes that advertising next year’s event as part of the Lamoine 150 celebration will result in greater participation.


5.    Blunts Pond Water Testing Recap and the Public Presentation by Dr. Brian Beal Recap

Both topics were rescheduled for the next meeting in December 2018.


6.    Public Presentation for the Winter


None determined at this time


7.    Future initiatives


No additional future initiatives were raised at the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:44 PM.



Minutes taken by ______Jeff Cosulich___________ and approved on ____________________________.