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Minutes - December 12, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)

Members Present:  Larissa Thomas, chair; Linda Penkalski, Doug Stewart, Kerry Diskin, Jeff Cosulich


Alternate members present:  Mike Jordan, Diane Nicolls


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Thomas at 7:03 PM.


Topics Discussed:


1.  Approval of the November 14, 2018 minutes.


2.  Solar power for Town’s electricity usage: Larissa and Mike will attend the December 13, 2018 Select Board meeting to discuss the LCC request that the Town solicit competitive proposals for a solar project sited on the salt/sand shed to cover the Town’s electricity usage, contracted through a power purchase agreement.


3.  Shoreland zone violations: Larissa and Mike will attend the December 13, 2018 Select Board meeting to discuss LCC concerns about penalties for violations.


4.  Lamoine 150: The LCC proposed events were accepted. Doug reported that the Lamoine Historical Society is planning on a talk about the history of land use in Lamoine like farming, fishing mills, etc.


5.   Blunts Pond water testing recap: It was suggested that GET WET! and the Blunts Pond water testing be done at the same time in the school year.  Linda will contact the Lamoine School teachers to ask what their ideas are and if we should continue with the present schedule or do the two testings at the same time.  May was suggested for the two testings, but the water may be too cold in May.  If we continue the Blunts Pond water testing in September we can do the PowerPoint presentation in the classroom before the students do the water testing at Blunts Pond so they have a better understanding of the tests they are doing on the water samples.

GET WET! is scheduled with the PowerPoint presentation to be delivered in Ms. Woods’ classroom on February 27, 2019 at 1:10 PM, and the water testing will take place in the gym on the morning of February 28, 2019. March 1, 2019 is the snow date. Linda will contract the volunteers in January.


6.  Public presentation by Dr. Brian Beal: The LCC supports his theories and we will keep an eye on the Maine Legislature to look for opportunities to support legislation that would improve management of clam populations by following his evidence-based guidance.  It was also suggested that we tell speakers to limit their talks to one hour and that will leave time for questions from the audience.


7.  Coastal Communities Grant Program: In order to apply for this grant, the Lamoine Comprehensive Plan has to be approved by the State of Maine.  If it is approved in March at the Town Meeting, it might be approved by the State in time for the July, 2019 due date for the grant.  We could ask for funds to hire professionals to study shoreline erosion, make biological surveys and habitat studies, etc., and make recommendations for stewardship of shoreline areas within the Town.  We could include a demonstration project at Marlboro Beach where we would implement stabilization measures to protect against erosion.  These are just tentative ideas and Larissa and Diane will form a sub-committee to begin work on the proposal, either for 2019 or 202 submittal.


8.  Ideas for next public presentation: Diane volunteered to contact the Shaw Institute, Blue Hill to see if they have a speaker who can talk about microplastics in the ocean.  Mike suggested that we contact the Department of Marine Resources at Lamoine State Park for a speaker to talk about the services they provide in Hancock County.  Another topic discussed was “Mushrooming in Lamoine” with possibly a lecture at night and an outing during the day in August or September.


9.  Future initiatives: No new initiatives for now.


10.  Lamoine Conservation Commission Award:  Larissa will contact Stu to advertise on the website for nominations with a due date of January 9, 2019.


Motions and Outcomes:


1.  The minutes of the November 14, 2018 meeting were approved as distributed.


Follow-up actions and who will do them:


1.  Linda will contact the Lamoine Consolidated teachers to ask them if they think we should do the water testing at Blunts Pond at the same time we do GET WET! or keep the separate schedule we now use.


2.  Linda will contact the volunteers for GET WET! in January.


3.  Linda will place additional orders in January for gloves, goggles, pH papers, bottles, etc. for the GET WET! and Blunts Pond water testing using the Maine Community Foundation Grant funds.


4.  Diane will contact the Shaw institute in Blue Hill for a speaker on microplastics.


5.  Mike will contact the Department of Marine Resources at the Lamoine State Park about a possible future speaker related to their activities in Hancock County.


6.  Larissa will contact Stu about advertising on the website for nominations for the LCC Conservation Award.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.


Minutes were taken by _________________________________ and approved on ___________________________.