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Minutes - February 14, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Members Present:  Larissa Thomas, chair; Jeff Cosulich, Kerry Diskin, Doug Stewart, Linda Penkalski


Alternate members present:  Diane Nicholls, Mike Jordan


General Public Present: Larry Libby, Ken Smith


Meeting was convened at the Lamoine Town Hall by Chairman Thomas at 7:00 PM.


Public Service Announcement: Larissa mentioned that anyone interested in installing solar panels to take advantage of locking in existing net metering program have until April, 2018 to be grandfathered prior to new pricing plans being implemented, Contact your local solar panel dealer / installer for more details.


Topics Discussed:


1.  Minutes from the January 10, 2018  meeting were approved.


2.   GET WET! proposal update:  Linda expressed her relief that the grant had been submitted this week. The results of the proposal will be determined in June, 2018. Also, the GET WET! Event for this year is scheduled for March 1, 2018 at 8:30am in the school gym. Linda will be making an introductory talk to the class on February 28, 2018 at 9:30am in the classroom.


3.   Lamoine School edible classroom garden update:  Diane reported that Chris James is in the process of scheduling the clearing of the area to be used as well as building the beds. At this time, there has not been a request for assistance, but the LCC will make itself available as needed.


4.   Blunts Pond event:  Doug has pinned down the date of Saturday September 8, 2018 with Zack Steele, Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation Commission, along with Mark Witting, for the event.  Specific activities and hours are TBD. The Historical Society has volunteered to staff a table to talk about the history of Blunts Pond and how it has been used in the past. Jeff will check with Parks Commission whether they would care to be involved and if a permit for the use of the park is required. Parks Commission next meeting is scheduled for April 14th.


5.   Marlboro Beach Celebration:  A request has been circulated by Iris Simon who is looking to plan a celebration sometime in May or June to recognize the finalization of the purchase of Marlboro Beach by the Town. Some of the ideas considered were :

--- inviting clammers & wormers to talk / meet with public;

--- inviting the school to plan a “field trip” to attend the festivities;

--- inviting a band to provide music. Larissa offered to speak with a friend of a friend that has a local band to see if they have any interest.



6.   March public talk:  Tora Johnson, University of Maine Machias, will give a public talk on March 21, 2018 at 7 PM at the Lamoine School.  Larissa will check with Stu re: availability of video equipment. LCC members will provide refreshments per their usual contributions


7.  Maine Coastal Community Grant: The latest awards announced ( With grant deadline in April, it is unlikely the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan will be approved in time to apply this year. However, we should plan to apply in 2019, and should begin to refine our proposal idea now.


8.   Future initiatives:  none now.


9. Conservation Award:  Will be presented by Larissa at Town Meeting. She will also provide 2 additional letters to be signed by commission members for display at Town Hall. Doug will pick up frames and schedule the plaque specifics for Town Hall.


10. Recycling Options: The LCC was asked to review several proposals regarding recycling options for the town and make a recommendation to the Select Board. After a discussion based on analysis provided by Stu Marckoon and Ken Smith, the commission voted to recommend the proposal submitted by Ecomaine. Larissa will present the decision to the Select Board at their meeting on Thursday February 15, 2018.




The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.



Minutes were taken by _______Jeff Cosulich______________

and approved on _____________________________.