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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes November 9, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 .

Present: Fred Stocking, Chair, Carol Korty, Tom Spruce, alternate Bob Pulver and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Attending: Ken Smith, Mike Garrett, Kathy DeFusco, John Wuorinen, associate Joan Bragdon, Nancy Pochan, and alternate Donna Thorburn.

The meeting was transmitted via close circuit cable.

Prior to addressing the agenda, Fred Stocking, Chair, explained the various maps that are located in the rack at the back of the room, describing the College of the Atlantic contributions.

He then asked if there was a particular order the agenda items should be taken.

Carol Korty stated the need to address the August 30 work session with members of the Hancock Planning Board and the Town Planner for Ellsworth. Carol gave an abbreviated summary of the four-page, single-spaced report. She focused on the points agreed upon for further consideration, and Willem Brutsaert's suggestion that six deep wells in each of the three communities to study would be helpful.

It was agreed by the voting members that the report was accurate as written and that it should be given to the attending members of Hancock and Ellsworth.

1.                   Review of Agenda – No changes.

2.                   Consideration of Minutes. Minutes of the October meeting were read. Move to accept minutes with minor revisions. Seconded and accepted 5 to 0.

3.                   Consideration of Conservation 2005-2006 Work Plan .

Freshwater Initiative – Carol K. reported on conversations with John Peckenham and Teresa Thornton. They want to involve the schools for water testing and other activities. Carol contacted the science team coordinator at Ellsworth High School , J.F.Burns, who recommended Rhonda Houston Tate, teacher of Ecology. Carol also talked with the principal of Lamoine Consolidated School , Val Perkins, who put her in touch with Chris James, 7 th & 8 th grade science teacher, who in turn recommended Linda Brook, 5 th grade classroom teacher. All were very interested. The water testing can begin later in the spring.

Teresa Thornton, who has about 10 years of classroom experience, will work with the teachers on a curriculum that meets state mandate for science curricula.

Carol will continue with the school interface.

Further discussion dealt with the overlay zone for Lamoine. In order to accomplish this in time for Town Meeting, we need to start having informational meetings in January and February. Time is short.

Michelle Gagnon is moving ahead with getting something through their City Council.

Fred asked what our objectives were regarding the overlay ordinance and what is feasible in view of the time available.

Mike Garrett mentioned that in order to get an ordinance to Town Meeting in March, the Planning Board would need to have it by mid-February. Town Meeting is March 7 and 8. To get the ordinance to the Selectmen and Planning Board in time, we would need to draft it in November/December.

The question arose regarding what research we were doing on the wells. Are there gradations of change since 1965? Bob Pulver will check with the Cold Spring Water Company president, John Holt.

Ken Smith said we can do comparisons with standard landfill tests since they are done every year.

We have to check with John Peckenham to find out what we need to chart the data.

Fred asked if we need to raise money to accomplish what Peckenham wants us to do. Carol will check.

Peckenham and Teresa Thornton are working on their final report to us. The Maine Community Foundation has said that we do not have to “go through hoops” in our report to them.

Fred will spend a couple of hours on drafting the ordinance language. We need to have a work session and invite Mike Garrett to it with a goal of having an ordinance to present at town meeting in March. The work session will be on November 30, 2005 at 4:00 p.m.

Ken Smith suggested reviewing existing language on the Lamoine overlay. Fred will check with Stu.

Carol K. will check with Michele Gagnon and the Franziuses about when to meet again. She will see if Hancock will start on the abandoned pit reclamation issue.

Recycling and Trash Issues – The following are the choices we have:

1.                   Use Coastal Recycling in Hancock to handle our recycling.

2.                   Stay with the current arrangement.

3.                   Look into joining Acadia Disposal.

4.                   Pay as you throw.

After discussion of the various arrangements Lamoine has, decided to check the viability of using Coastal Recycling. It could replace the Bangor contract and hauling contract. Coastal is marketed through MRRA. Coastal's representative, Mary Ann Morgan states that the cost would be $6 per person in the town of Lamoine . Coastal is a baling facility. They would need to put in a bid. Fred will do a spread sheet on the costs.

Other haulers in the area are Mark Wright and Doug Gott, among others.

Acadia Disposal is going into Trenton with a new transfer station in two years. Fred suggested someone attend their meetings. Nancy Poshan will attend and report to us.

4. Listening to the concerns of those attending - Carol K. indicated a concern about very deep digging taking place at the Gott and McQuinn gravel pits. “Is the CEO on top of that?” she asked. She would like the CEO to check the activity, especially the proximity to the Lamoine border. Tom Spruce said we could look at the town contract to see when the annual survey is due to take place.

5 . Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns – Mike Garrett of the Planning Board mentioned that historically at town meeting the Planning Board addressed changes to only one ordinance. The CEO has suggested having an additional Town Meeting to address all changes to the town ordinances. Representatives of the LCC have not been attending the PB meetings. Lynda Tadema-Wielandt said she would attend the next one on December 6.

6. Planning for January and February meetings – The January program will address the Freshwater initiative and the Recycling committee's findings. Georgia Munsell will speak at the February meeting about the annual trash pick up project.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on January 11, 2006 , by a vote of 3 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair