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Minutes of the Meeting

March 16, 2005 (Draft, subject to change)

•  “Trash Talk II” by Robert Kates of Trenton . Excellent and informative talk. Fred Stocking has copies of the PowerPoint slides.

•  Discussion and Refreshments . Discussion was lively. Refreshments were plentiful and enjoyed by many.

•  Consideration of Minutes of February Meeting. Minutes of the February meeting were read. Move to accept minutes with minor revisions. Seconded and accepted 4 to 0.

•  Listening to the concerns of those attending . Nancy Pochan reported that the State Planning Office in Augusta is again selling composting bins. Nancy has volunteered to head the sales effort in Lamoine. Joan Bragdon and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt offered to help Nancy .

Based on the minutes that had just been read, Bob Pulver asked what safety measures did Lamoine have to preserve its water resources if a bottling company were to come in and start extracting from our aquifer. A similar situation had come up in a New Hampshire town, and they had experienced a protracted legal battle because their ordinances did not provide them with adequate protection. Carol Korty presented a flyer from H 2 O for ME , Jim Wilfong, Director, PO Box 52, Fryeburg, ME 04037, which proposes that each 20oz of water extracted for resale be assessed a fee of $0.3. Fred S. stated that if they own the land, they have a right to extract the water. Following discussion, the Commission suggested that some research was needed into applicable state laws, our town ordinances, and checking into other sources of information like . The resulting report could then be followed up with community action. Bob Pulver volunteered to do some research and report to his findings to the Commission.

Carol K. reported on upcoming meetings – one on March 22, Maine Water Conference, which Michelle Gagnon from Ellsworth is attending. Carol plans to go as well. There is a meeting in Belfast on April 8 - Maine Stream Summit 2005: The Mess;, about the health of our streams and rivers.

•  Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns . Carol reported that she had spoken with Jessica Bulloch, Project Analyst, Division of Land Resource Regulation, Bangor , regarding Mr. Ploszaj's Tier I application. Ms. Bulloch stated that the application was in order and had been approved. If the project presents a “cumulative impact” that could have an adverse impact, there could be requirements for mitigation. Ms. Bulloch did not believe this project creates said need. It is very important that the Planning Board ask questions to find out exactly what the project entails.

•  Report from Long Range Planning Committee . Last meeting was very good. They worked on the questionnaire that will go to all residents. It is comprehensive although the question suggested by John Peckenham, “Do you know where your water comes from?” will not be included. There is a need to educate people on regionalization as a tool to keep costs down. The LRPC will meet the 3 rd Tuesday in April to finalize the questionnaire.

•  Report of the Recycling Subcommittee . Donna Thorburn distributed her notes about Lamoine's recycling options and ways to increase interest and participation in the effort. (See attached.) She has also collected brochures from some recycling facilities. We need to get the school and teachers involved. The more people understand about recycling, the more successful the effort will be. Fred S. suggested a “Trash Talk III.”

•  Report on the Freshwater Initiative . Carol received John Peckenham's expenses for the George Mitchell Center , which totalled $14,222. The Mitchell Center will give Teresa Thornton a stipend through May. Ellsworth has distributed all their packets and made all the calls. Teresa continues to measure wells.

Carol has prepared a report on LCC's activities for submission to the Lamoine Quarterly. Donna Theall will look it over and submit it in Carol's absence.

•  Planning for April and May meetings . April 13 will be the next meeting. There will be a public program in June.

The meeting adjourned at 9:46.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on April 13, 2005, by a vote of ___ to ___.

Fred Stocking, Chair