Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Minutes of the Meeting
November 10, 2004

Draft - Subject to Change

Members Present: Carol Korty, Tom Spruce, Fred Stocking, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall.
Attendees: Joan Bragdon, Mike Garrity, Nancy Pochan, Ken Smith, Susan Wuorinen

The meeting was called to order at 7:32.

  1. Review of Agenda. No changes noted.
  2. Consideration of Minutes of October 13, 2004. Move to accept the minutes with minor revisions. Seconded and accepted 5 to 0.
  3. Listening to the concerns and comments of those attending. Ask Antje to have Cold Spring Water Company transfer their $6,000 to the Conservation Commission as we have begun incurring expenses. We owe a lot in photocopies and must pay Teresa’s mileage and stipend. Mike Garrity asked to whom the check should be written – Town of Lamoine, Freshwater Initiative. Fred S. will track any checks we receive and will thank the people who sent them.Fred reported on his presentation at a statewide GIS conference about the COA GIS presentation to the Town as part of last Spring's COA development class presentation. The points that he stressed to the assembled GIS techies were the need for the GIS folks to learn to share their information in ways that less tech-savvy members of volunteer boards could understand, and the need for specific GIS maps keyed into the subdivision or other permit requirements of the specific town. A member of the staff at the Mitchell Center introduced himself to Fred after the program and indicated that he had worked on such a program in North Carolina and would be willing to come to Lamoine to talk to town officials about it. Carol Korty mentioned several meetings and programs. Among them, The Union River Watershed Coalition held a meeting recently and talked about the clam flats reopening and improvements to the wastewater treatment plant. On December 4, Maine Rivers were meeting in Lewiston at their Fall Conference entitled, “Restoring Maine’s Rivers.” Travis Hussey was speaking at MERI a week from Friday at 7 p.m. Topic: “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.”Carol K. also indicated that she would be unable to give time to this project since she was in the middle of rehearsals for a show due to open soon.
  4. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns. Next meeting of the Planning Board is 12/7/04. Fred Stocking asked how many more subdivisions are up for review. Mike Garrity said they were done. All passed. Some have reduced number of lots. All are going ahead.
  5. Report of the Recycling Committee. Tom Spruce reported that it is very difficult to find sources for the recyclables. Cardboard is especially tough. Perhaps we can combine our efforts with other towns, although the prospect is not encouraging. MDI towns and Trenton (but not Bar Harbor) have joined into a solid waste district. Let’s consider having Bob Kates, a professor at Brown, come talk to us in February about these issues.
  6. Status of Freshwater Initiative. Carol Korty reported on progress made and status of this initiative. She mentioned that Lamoine needed volunteers to finish three more sets of 10. Mike Garrity volunteered to do one set. Ellsworth has 19 sets to go and Hancock has 6 or 7 more to do. Teresa Thornton will continue to do well-measuring as weather permits. They need to be done before it freezes. She has already done 19 wells, and has finished meeting with the gravel pit owners with Tom Spruce. Rae mentioned there seemed to be pressure being applied to get the study finished, and perhaps Teresa could find help to do the rest. Lamoine has 150 questionnaires ready to be entered in the computer. School Water Project. Not active at this time.Fundraising. Postpone at this time. Not a winter project.
  7. Review of Drinking Water talk by Andy Tolman and needed follow-up. Fred S. has sent Andy a thank-you note. The talk was well received with about 25 people attending. After the talk, several people stayed and asked questions.
  8. Preparation for December meeting. Lynda said that Michael Good, a local biologist, who had been contacted to speak at the December meeting, had asked about an honorarium for his talk, something around $100. She said she would have to ask because the Commission is not funded in any way by the town and does not have a budget. A member suggested that the Conservation Commission adopt a policy stating that we do not pay anyone we invite to speak. So moved, seconded and approved 5 to 0. Lynda will let Michael Good know and then notify Fred of his decision by Friday.
  9. Planning for January and February Meetings. Fred mentioned that he had met Julie Early of the Island Foundation at a recent Annual Land Trust Gathering in Providence, RI. She is planning to visit the area next summer, and he hopes she will speak to us.
  10. The business portion of the meeting formally adjourned at 8:19 p.m. The rest of the time was used to prepare a number of Freshwater Initiative packets with letters, questionnaire, forms, etc. for volunteers to use when contacting well owners.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on Wednesday, January 12, 2004, by a vote of ___ to ___.

Fred Stocking, Chair