Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Conservation Commission Meeting
June 9, 2004

Present: Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Tom Spruce, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt and Alternate Raymonde Dumont.
Other attendees: Mike Garrett, John and Susan Wuorinen and Ray Becker

1) Review of the agenda. Fred Stocking, Chair, read the agenda. There were no changes.

2) Minutes of last meeting. Lynda Tadema-Wielandt read the minutes of May 12. Several clarifying changes were recommended. The minutes were approved 4 to 0.

3) Listening to the concerns and comments of those attending. Regarding the previous minutes, as corrected, John Wuorinen indicated that Lamoine did not have a “shared aquifer” with either Ellsworth or Hancock, and did not believe that we should say so.

Ray Becker asked that in the case of a red tide problem what methods are used to let the public know. He had heard that we had recently experienced a red tide bloom and wanted to know, 1. Was it true, and 2. Should the Conservation Commission be involved in this issue. Various members of the Commission as well as those present stated that there were several means by which the public is notified: Marine Patrol notification, NOAA radio announcements, postings at beaches and ramps, and television and the press. The Conservation Commission did not believe there was any need, nor did we have the resources, to get involved in this area.

Latona Spring. Carol Korty said she had spoken with Katherine Dudzinsky, one of the property owners who lives in Colorado. Another owner, Dr. Judith Whitcomb of Alaska, visits regularly. Carol spoke with Jeffrey Folger of the State who said that in order for a spring to come under the jurisdiction of the state, it needed to be used by a minimum of 25people daily for at least 60 days a year. Latona Spring does not meet those criteria. It is considered a Roadside Spring and comes under state guidelines.

The owner is fully liable regardless of any measures taken to notify users of water conditions. Debate ensued about ways one could limit one’s liability, but none is effective. Mrs. Dudzinsky was very appreciative of our concerns and said she would speak with her sister and get back to us. She requested that we not involve the state at this juncture, until she had a chance to look into the issue further.

Fred Stocking suggested looking into the possibility of adding Latona Spring to the Cold Spring Water Co. or Frenchman Bay Conservancy for liability insurance purposes. John Wuorinen suggested getting another test to see if the e-coli count is within acceptable limits. The Wuorinens last did a water quality test in November 2001. It came back with an elevated e-coli count.

4) Planning Board and Selectfolk concerns. Mike Garrett reported that there will be a public hearing on the first Tuesday of July regarding the MacQuinn application.

Fred Stocking distributed copies of Evaluation of Potential Influence of Proposed Borrow Pit Excavation on the Spring at the Cold Spring Water Company, Lamoine, Maine, prepared by S.W. Cole Engineering, Inc. for Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Raymonde Dumont expressed concern about the findings in the letter by Elizabeth Champeon, who did the study. It seemed to Ray and others ambiguous as to whether in fact Cold Spring would be affected by the proposed excavation. Ms Champeon concludes, however, that it would not based on the excavation and Cold Spring being in separate watersheds.

Carol Korty suggests that we send a request to Peckenham to help us with the Cold Spring wellhead protection as soon as possible. She believes he would be interested in helping us. The Chair will send a copy of the S.W. Cole report to Peckenham and one to Doug Jones, member of the Cold Spring Water Co. board. Carol again said we need to change the ordinance to allow us to hire our own hydrogeologist.

5) Report on June 5th Roadside Litter Pick-up. Lynda Tadema-Wielandt reported that the clean-up was a success thanks to Georgia Munsell’s efforts in organizing the event. Said that we should send a letter of appreciation to her. Fred Stocking said he would do so. She managed to get large trash bags and bright orange vests from the Highway Department, and donated waterproof gloves to wear under work gloves. Over 50 bags of trash were filled, and the Highway Department picked them up in the next couple of days. Suggestions for next time, which might be in the Fall, smaller bags, encourage more people to participate, get State to put up “$200 for Littering” signs on 184 and 204.

6) Review of COA presentation and consideration of follow-up. The Chair will send a certificate of appreciation to the students and faculty for their efforts on our behalf. Discussion regarding follow-through on getting the GIS CD that the students developed installed at the Ellsworth Library. Steve Gabel-Richards, who was on the original Compehensive Plan Committee, and others, have indicated an interest in learning how to use the GIS program. COA does give a class on this. We discussed the best way to present the maps the students produced and are giving us for viewing by the public. Because of lack of wall space at the Lamoine Town Hall, hangers similar to those that display rugs were thought to be the best approach. Cost and options will be looked into.

7) Review of long-range planning meeting and consideration of follow-up. There is no plan to work on it or get a group going on it.

8) Status of Aquifer Research Finding. Carol Korty reported that Peckenham connected with Island Foundation and is motivated to write a grant to test the effect of sand and gravel extraction on underlying aquifers in three areas in Maine. Other grant applications are to be written to study other areas such as the water resources in Marlboro.

9) Status of Earth Machines sale. A check for $630 made out to NRRA went to Rhonda Cartiledge of the State Planning Office in Augusta on May 21 for 20 compost bins. Another check for $94.50 was taken to Hancock County Planning Comm. for three compost bins, to be included with their purchase. Including the bin located in the Town Hall, 24 bins have been purchased. The bins will be delivered the week of June 21. Stu will be called to unlock the transfer station gate. The bins will be picked up on Saturday, June 26.

10) Planning for July meeting on solid waste and recycling. Fred Stocking has spoken with Ken smith and Al Sternfield about the presentation. Fred will prepare the financial report for the meeting. The consensus was that because of his interest and knowledge, Tom Spruce would be a good person to head the recycling committee.

11) Proposal re: Intertidal areas. Should Lamoine take more control over its intertidal areas? Peter Hartline, owner of a large tract of land on Shore Road, believes Lamoine should. Although the State Department of Marine Resources issues permits for intertidal development, the town can have regulatory control of its intertidal zone. The Selectmen are in favor of continuing to look into expanding this area. Mussel farming was brought up at a January meeting at which Peter Hartline spoke. Ray Becker offered a paper he had written on intertidal control. However, the Conservation Commission decided that this was not a priority at this time.

12) Planning for next meetings. July is all set. Will we meet on August 11? Consensus was yes, as there should be an update about Latona Spring. September 8 is the following meeting. Andy Tolman, head of Maine Department of Human Services, Drinking Water Division will be asked to speak to us at some point

The next meeting is June 14.

The meeting adjourned at 9:07.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Approved, as changed, by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on the 14th day of July, 2004, by a vote of 5 in favor and 0 opposed.

Fred Stocking, Chair