Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department



February 15, 2005

Chairman B. Jones called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Members Present: D. Ford, M. Garrett, R. Graham, B. Hanson, B. Jones, D. McCurdy, K. Rybarz

F. Stocking, C. Tadema-Wielandt, J. Wourinen

Minutes, November 16, 2004 . The minutes were approved as presented.

Minutes, January 11, 2005 . K. Rybarz noted her name had been omitted from two categories (Law Enorfcement/Security and Taxes) on the survey formulation data assignment. The omission was duly recorded and the minutes were accepted as amended.


  •  Selectmen's request regarding land acquisition. In response to a Selectmen's request for Committee “input” into potential acquisition of land for a unified location of all town services, the Board engaged in discussion. As part of that discussion, the following motion was put forth by M. Garrett, seconded by J. Wourinen and unanimously passed.

“The Long Range Planning Committee wishes to go on record as favoring a continued search for land acquisition for future location of municipal services.”

  •  A Survey/Questionnaire. The meeting's main discussion centered on potential items to be included in a developing questionnaire/survey .

  •  F. Stocking drew and modified potential “questions” from the Town Comprehensive Plan. He also developed some questions from the perspective of the Conservation Commission.

  •  K. Rybarz put forth questions regarding Town taxes.

  •  D. Ford dealt with issues regarding zoning for business. Some of his suggestions emanated from the Town Comprehensive Plan; others were self developed. He is also interested in exploring the possibility of approaching Gravel Pit owners with an incentive program attractive enough to entice them to leave abandoned pits in a configuration more suitable for development of, for instance, housing or low impact industry In preparation for the next meeting, these “responsibilities” were assigned:

•  K. Rybarz will excerpt potentially relevant questions for our use from a MDI survey.

•  M. Garrett will attempt to collect ALL potential questions/items and put them a single document for further consideration, editing and refinement at our next meeting – March 15, 2005 .

Respectfully submitted,

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm . Michael F. Garrett, Secretary

NEXT MEETING: March 15, 2005 at 7:00pm at the Lamoine School .