Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Minutes – October 26, 2004
Draft Copy – Subject to change

Chairman B. Jones called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Members Present: Jane Fowler, Jay Fowler, M. Garrett (Secretary), R. Graham, B. Hanson, B. Jones
(Chairman), M. Jordan, L. Landon, D. McCurdy, R. McDevitt, K. Rybarz, S. Smith, C. Tadema-Wielandt, J. Thibeault, J. Wourinen, J. Young.

Members Absent: G. Crawford, E. Curtis, T. Dickey, D. Ford, P. Fowler, C.W. Hemingway, B. Marckoon,
F. Stocking (Vice Chairman), L. Tadema-Wielandt

Minutes Unable to attend the October 5, 2004 meeting, Jane Fowler expressed “surprise” that the Planning Committee will not recommend a building moratorium to the Selectman. Citing over thirty homes built during the 2003-2004 period, Jane would have supported a moratorium. Following a discussion the minutes of both September 28, 2004 and October 5, 2004 were approved as presented.


1. Impact Fees. The Town of Trenton has imposed impact fees for school and other capital improvements. B. Jones reported these are the legitimate grounds for implementation of impact fees. Further, he reported communities wishing to impose impact fees can only do so only if they have an operative Comprehensive Plan. Jay Fowler stated the Town should impose impact fees soon – before any more significant growth is initiated. This item will remain on the Committee’s active agenda.

2. Surveys. B. Hanson, charged with collecting information about surveying, reported having contacted the College of the Atlantic, the Hancock County Planning Commission, the Lamoine Comprehensive Plan and of learning about an “MDI Tomorrow” survey drafted and conducted on Mount Desert Island. Her conclusions are that designing a survey and defining an accurate sample is not an easy task.

M. Garrett suggested that one meeting be devoted exclusively to the topic of surveying.

D. McCurdy warned the Committee should remain vigilant to the possibility of externally imposed (State of Maine) changes of major magnitude.

J. Wouninen holds the Committee should articulate long term goals first and then design a survey based upon those goals.

This item will remain on the Committee’s active agenda.

3. Code Enforcement. The Committee is virtually unanimous in calling for adequate resources for code enforcement – including serious consideration of establishing the Code Enforcement Officer’s position as a full time position. Discussion ensued about how to fund the service. M. Garrett drew a distinction between building permit fees and impact fees.

S. Smith believes the Town does not adequately address code enforcement issues – especially those regarding public life safety issues. He worries the Town could be held liable for a lapse in enforcement leading to personal injury.

J. Young seconded the need for enforcement of life safety issues.

M. Jordan noted the Town has no licensed Electrical Inspector. The Town is bound by State statute requiring electrical installations to conform to the ICPO – a national code. He states the Town ordinances ought to make reference to this code. B. Jones will recommend it to the Planning Board as they are considering changes to the Building and Land Use Code.

R. McDevitt suggested the hiring of a private inspector to supplement the work of the CEO

This item will remain on the Committee’s active agenda.

4. Zoning Changes. The issue of zoning changes, particularly as they relate to provisions for different lot sizes and development housing configurations, was discussed at length. The Committee decided this issue more properly fits a consideration of comprehensive planning and will await further discussion until a/the Comprehensive Plan is under review.

5. A Memorial. R. McDevitt noted the Town lacks any kind of memorial to those who sacrificed their lives in modern wars. He feels passionately that one should be created. The committee concurs with him in recommending that the Selectmen should be active in pursuit of adequate physical recognition for their efforts.

6. An Interim Report to the Selectfolks. M. Garrett presented a draft of a moratorium statement to be submitted to the Selectpeople. That statement as amended will be part of the Committee’s report to the Board. M. Garrett was then charged to expand the draft statement to include “impact fees”, “Code Enforcement” and a Town “memorial”. The draft will be considered at the November 16, 2004 meeting after which it will be presented to the Board of Selectmen.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary


Tuesday, November 16, 2004 7:00pm Lamoine School
Tuesday, November 30, 2004 7:00pm Lamoine School