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May 23, 2006

Draft Copy – Subject to Change

Vice Chairman Fred Stocking called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm

Members present: R. McDevitt, D. Macurdy, B. Hanson, J. Wuorinen, F. Stocking, K. Rybarz

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm

Minutes were read and approved with one correction (consider in the last sentence of the first paragraph to considered).


The committee began discussion of Part III Land Usage. Two handouts were presented for the meeting. Observations of the Committee follow:

The Soils report on Page 15 . It was noted that the comprehensive plan states that the corridor between the Fire House to Blunts Pond is the most suitable place for development according to soil types.

-Perhaps the town should consider large lot requirements for shoreland zone areas because of the poor soil.

-The committee discussed how technology changes have enabled more marginal soil types to be developed – which may account for the focus on shoreland that would have been difficult to develop in the past.

-The committee recommends the town re-analyze the soil suitability as it relates to zoning and lot size.

-Wetlands - The committee discussed how in the past there could be differences of opinion regarding soil suitability for development.

-The committee discussed consideration of a wildlife inventory of the town. We are seeing large blocks of land disappearing, which may be changing the habitats for many species.

-The committee discussed the Lamoine aquifer study – which is soon to be released. It looks like there will be no significant change reported in water levels. The committee further discussed how groundwater contamination was mainly salt, which could come from either natural sources or road maintenance.

-Gravel pit discussion – concerned mostly old inactive pits, many of which are used for storage of vehicles and machinery or small dumps. Reclamation of these areas is an important issue.

Page 19 – Residential community with low –medium cost housing is no longer an adequate description of the current town. Opinions in old survey were not duplicated.

-Zoning ordinances were proposed so that the town would remain rural, but that has not had the intended effect.

-Land use discussion

The committee does feel that we should set aside land for public use and/or encourage easements so that land currently utilized by many could be maintained in that use pattern. The committee recommends that the town consider setting aside regular amount of money to purchase those easements or properties that may become available.

Affordable housing . Can/could we link to future Ellsworth sewer expansion and propose affordable housing developments at the top of Buttermilk Road and Douglas Highway areas? Possibly some elderly housing development too. Lamoine's building codes do not currently have tools to allow this type of development.

Comprehensive plan – not much interest in industrial use. New plan has more positive comments to promote rational business development in designated zones.


Review pages 30-37. Transportation, public facilities, solid waste. The next meeting will be on the 4 th Tuesday of the month, June 27th .

Minutes submitted by: Kathleen Rybarz