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Long Range Planning Committee Minutes

August 22, 2006

Vice Chairman F. Stocking called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Committee Members Present: M. Garrett, B. Hanson, B.Jones ( 7:18 pm ), D. Macurdy, F. Stocking, J Wuorinen, J. Young

Minutes, June 27, 2006 . The minutes of the LRPC meeting on June 27, 2006 were approved as presented.



A committee to “manage” a veteran's memorial for the Town of Lamoine is in process of being formed.


1. J. Wuorinen suggested that Committee members consult the internet to familiarize the mselves with the potential hazards generated by placement of cell phone towers in a (this) community.

2. Trenton has completed work on its Comprehensive Plan. The deadline for public comment was July 11 , 2006 . However the document is available to the public. On the internet, connect to: Then click on “Land Use” and “ Trenton ”. If this fails, contact:

D. Macurdy and F. Stocking will peruse the Plan to see what information, if any, is potentially relevant or useful to our work.

Thoughts and Observations Based Upon a Review of the 1996 Comprehensive Plan.


•  Wildlife Population. To the list of wildlife in Lamoine should be added wild Turkeys, non-existent at the time the Comprehensive Plan was developed

•  Wildlife Habitat. A map, titled “Variable Habitat for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Trust Species for the Town of Lamoine ” is available in the Town Offices. This map shows some significantly large undeveloped land areas, capable of sustaining large animals.

•  Gravel Pits. The Comprehensive Plan states the re are 13 “active gravel pits currently (1996) in operation” in Lamoine. That number is now closer to 19 though some of the pits have been combined for permitting purposes.

•  School and School Population.

•  Lamoine's Comprehensive Plan indicates a total school enrollment of 228 students in the year 1991. The Plan does not indicate whe the r this number includes Lamoine students enrolled in area high schools. The Lamoine Town Report, 2005, indicates the re are 138 students enrolled in grades K – 8. And 88 students enrolled area high schools. The total is 226.

•  If the Comprehensive Plan includes high school enrollments, the re has been virtually no change in the total school population between 1991 and 2005. If the Comprehensive Plan does not include high school enrollments the re has been a significant drop in school enrollment compared to 15 years ago.

The September meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2005 at 7:00pm at the Town Hall. The agenda for the meeting will be a review of pages 46 to 56.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary