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Lamoine Long Range Planning Committee

Minutes of October 18, 2005 (Draft, subject to change)

B. Jones called the meeting to order at 7:02pm .

Members Present: M. Garrett, B. Hanson, B. Jones, L. Landon, D. Macurdy, R. McDevitt, C. Tadema-Wielandt, J. Wuorinen, J. Young, Jr.

Minutes: After changing the spelling of Wourinen to Wuorinen, the minutes were accepted as presented.


1. Questionnaire. Numerous changes were made to the questionnaire. Most of the changes were necessitated by limitations of adapting the questionnaire for internet response and a desire to keep both questionnaires consistent. B. Jones will provide the internet version to M. Garrett who will prepare a final hard copy version.

The Committee believes an original “run” of 300 copies should suffice. More can be printed if required.

D. Macurdy suggested notification to the Ellsworth American might increase citizen participation.

B. Jones will be on hand at the Town Hall polling station November 8th to see to the distribution of questionnaires and to encourage voters to complete the m before leaving Town Hall. All Committee members are invited to assist in this process.

2. Cover letter. M. Garrett presented a draft of a “cover letter” to introduce the questionnaire. Following additions and corrections, a final draft was approved. The Committee wishes the cover letter to be attached (stapled) to each questionnaire as page 1.

There being no further pressing business, the meeting adjourned at 7:48pm

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary

NEXT MEETING: November 22, 2005 , 7:00pm . Town Hall. The sole agenda for this meeting will be to assess the number of questionnaires received and devise methods to tally and organize responses.