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December 5, 2005

Draft Copy – Subject to Change

Chairman B. Jones called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm .

Members Present: M. Garrett, B. Hanson, B. Jones, L. Landon, D. Macurdy, F. Stocking, J. Wuorinen J. Young

Minutes: Minutes of the November 22, 2005 meeting were accepted as presented.


Survey - Five additional surveys were submitted, bringing the total to 250. M. Garrett will enter these surveys into the data base.

In a free-for-all discussion, members of the Committee shared some generalized (but factually unsubstantiated) “thoughts” and “potential conclusions” gleaned when entering survey data into B. Jones' computer program. Since a factual basis is missing, these “thoughts” and “potential conclusions” are not here recorded.

By Saturday, December 10th , B. Jones pledges to have completed, a “Query” computer program which will provide a compilation of data and permit the establishment of correlations. For example: What is the correlation between the number of years residing in Lamoine and the willingness to promote affordable housing for young families with children?

After Saturday, Committee members are encouraged to log onto Brett's Survey website, look at the data contained the rein and email to him questions each wishes to be addressed by the program.

We meet next on Tuesday, December 20th . At that meeting, questions for the Query program will be posed and responded to. Beyond this exercise, the Committee needs to formulate conclusions for potential policy recommendations to the Selectmen and determine the method(s) for disseminating Survey data to the Town.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm .

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 – Next meeting. 7:00 pm. Town Hall