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Agenda - Monday, March 4, 2019 - 6:30 PM - Lamoine Town Hall


1.    Call to Order

2.    Public Hearing – proposed amendment to Building & Land Use Ordinance, Section 4 H Table of Land Uses, Footnote #3.  The proposal reads as follows:

“To see if the town will vote to amend the Building and Land Use Ordinance by striking the following words from footnote #3 of Section 4. Land Use District Requirements, H. Table of Land Uses: “or applied for” so that the footnote reads “3Land within the Rural and Agricultural Zone that received a Site Plan Review permit for gravel operations before March 13, 2013, may continue to be eligible for gravel operations upon Planning Board approval of a gravel permit.”

3.    Consideration of Minutes – February 4, 2019 regular meetings

4.    Code Enforcement Officer’s reports

    1. Permits issued
    2. Enforcement activities
    3. Other

5.    Review of 2/20/2019 Permit Conditions Tracking Report (same as 1/24/2019 report)

6.    Old Business

    1. Application Completeness Review - Site Plan Review Permit– Gerald Nasberg- Map 7 Lot 3 – Self-storage buildings and office building
    2. Application Completeness Review – Commercial Building Permit – Gerald Nasberg – Map 7 Lot 3 – Self-storage buildings and office building

7.    New Business - Discussion re scheduling a “Beginning With Habitat” public presentation

8.    Ordinance Development

    1. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Map revisions update and discussion

                                          i.    Concerns re storm surge and other climate change impacts           

                                         ii.    District boundaries and parcels included therein

                                        iii.    Other matters – re text and Official Map

    1. Other Miscellaneous ordinance changes

9.    Upcoming meeting dates

a.    Regular Meetings: April 1, May 6, & June 3, 2019    

b.    Other

10.  Adjournment