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Lamoine Planning Board Minutes

April 3, 2007

Chairman Branch called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Board Members Present: S. Branch, G. Donaldson, M. Garrett, M. Jordan, C. Ohmart

Members of the public in attendance: J. Hunt, L. Martin, J. McCormack, S. Marckoon (8:15 pm) S. Sloan, V. Smith, C. Weber

Minutes: The minutes of March 13, 2007 were accepted as presented

CEO Reports: CEO reports were accepted and placed on file


1. Subdivision Application Completeness Review – Sno-Drum LLC, Map 3, Lot 27. V. Smith of CES presented a model of potential traffic flow depicting what CES considers the maximum flow of traffic (in summer) at the intersection of Rt. 184 and Shore Road and the egress from the proposed subdivision. Questions about the safety of that egress persist. G. Donaldson suggested it was not appropriate at this time to offer the tentative road approval sought by Sno-Drum. Further, with a proposed change from eight lots to seven, the Board requires Sno-Drum to begin anew with a pre-application.

2.   Bangor Hydro Electric Transmission Line. In response to questions put to the Town Attorney about the status of an approved subdivision, he replied in essence, that Bangor Hydro need not void existing subdivision approval but needs to amend the plan to reflect the impact of the project on three of the subdivision lots.

The Board agreed to begin consideration for Commercial and Site Plan permits and to set aside an amended subdivision plan until Bangor Hydro prepares one. On a motion put By G. Donaldson, seconded by M. Garrett, the Board agreed the project falls under Line #20 (“Other Uses Similar to Those Requiring Planning Board Review). The motion carried four votes in favor; one opposed.

Following a review of required criteria, G. Donaldson moved and S. Branch seconded a motion to approve the Building and Land Use pre-Application with one condition. Bangor Hydro needs to add Alana Way (the subdivision road) to the plan. The motion passed unanimously.

Following further discussion, the Board (on motion of M. Garrett, seconded by M. Jordan) unanimously approved the Site Plan pre Application.

A site visit is scheduled for Monday, April 9, 2007. Board members are to assemble at the Town Hall at 5:00 pm.


The Board received and placed on file a notice from the Town of Hancock regarding the establishment of a new automotive business over the aquifer on Washington Junction Road .


1. State review of the recently submitted Shoreland Ordinance Review resulted in “condition approval” pending incorporation of nine conditions listed by the state. The “conditions” are:

  1. The appropriate effective date of the statewide timber harvesting standards:
  2. The inclusion of the previous timber harvesting standards (from the 1993 Ordinance) which remain in effect until the effective date of statewide standards.
  3. New replanting standards when a non-conforming structure is relocated
  4. New relocation standards for non-conforming structures
  5. Clarity on mineral exploration use within the land use table
  6. New septic system standards
  7. Clarity on administrative appeals regarding de novo or appellate hearings
  8. Inclusion of additional definitions, as well as added language to the definition of functionally water dependent and an updated definition of subsurface sewage disposal systems
  9. Use of the Town of Lamoine zoning map from 1993 until updates are approved for the new wetland ratings.

S. Marckoon will incorporate state supplied language into the Ordinance to satisfy each “condition”.

2. G. Donaldson submitted a list of items from the BLUO and Gravel Extraction Ordinances for which changes need to be considered. Members are asked to consider this list for future action.

The meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary


APRIL 9, 2007 - MONDAY. Site visit to Bangor Hydro's transmission line project. Assemble at the Town Hall at 5:00pm.

MAY 1, 2007 – TUESDAY. Regular monthly meeting of the planning Board. 7:00 pm. Town Hall