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Minutes of February 5, 2008

V. Chairman G. Donaldson called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
Board Members Present: G. Donaldson, J. Gallagher, M. Garrett, M. Havey, M. Jordan, C. Ohmart
Members of the Public in Attendance: K. DeFusco, R. Joy, S. Joy, J. Karst, L. Karst

Minutes: The minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting were accepted as presented

CEO Reports: The reports were accepted and placed on file


M. Garrett reported the Conservation Commission is developing Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone Ordinance amendments for future consideration by the Planning Board.


  1. Sno-Drum LLC. Planning Board “Findings” for the rejection of Sno-Drum permits have been sent to Sno Drum.
  2. Lamoine State Parks Project: The Board awaits a formal application from the Department of Environmental Protection.


1. Subdivision Pre-application. S. & R. Joy. Map 4, Lot 55. S. & R. Joy propose an eleven lot subdivision off Needle's Eye Road , adjacent to one developed over five years ago. After some discussion, M. Garrett moved to accept the pre-application as complete. The motion was seconded by C. Ohmart and passed unanimously.

The Board then listed these several matters for discussion and decision as the application process proceeds:

An on-site visit is scheduled for 8:30 am on Saturday, February 23, 2008. Meet at the site.

2. Building/Commercial Permit Pre-Application. J & L Karst, Map 4, Lot 7. J & L Karst propose to build an 8' x 10' structure for the purpose of selling fresh produce and a variety of seafood items. Because the sea food is to be bought from one source and sold to another, the Board holds this operation to necessitate a Commercial permit. (See #6 – Table of Land Use.) M. Garrett moved and C. Ohmart seconded a motion to find the pre-application complete with listed conditions. The motion was passed 5 – 0.

The conditions are:

A Site visit is scheduled for 8:00 am on Saturday, February 23, 2008. Meet on the site ( 239 Walker Road )


With unanimity, the Planning Board favorably commented on its segment in the Town Report. Although the Board would prefer a photo of some activity other than the “alteration” of natural landscape and habitat invasion of subdivision activity.

The Board adjourned at 7:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary


Saturday, February 23, 2008 – Site Visit. J & L Karst, 239 Walker Rd. 8:00 am. Convene at the site.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 – Site Visit. S & R Joy subdivision. 8:30 am. Convene at the Site. ( Pasture Way Rd. off Needle's Eye Rd. )

Tuesday, March 4, 2008. Public Hearing. State of Maine Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Amendments. 6:30 pm. Town Hall

Tuesday, March 4, 2008. March meeting. 7:00 pm. Town Hall  

Tuesday, March 18, 2008. Ordinance Workshop. 6:30 pm. Town Hall.