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Lamoine Planning Board Minutes

July 6, 2010

Board Members Present: J. Gallagher, J. Holt, M. Jordan, C. Tadema-Wielandt, D. Bamman CEO: Planned absence. Members of the Public in Attendance: S. Joy, K. DeFusco,

Election of Officers. Postponed until end of meeting.

Minutes of June 1, 2010. Minutes were accepted as presented.

CEO Reports. The CEO report was accepted as printed and placed on file.

CONSERVATION COMMISSION No Commission report was presented. An e-mail from Fred Stocking, with an attachment regarding a Wind power presentation to take place in the near future, was opened and read.


  1. Raccoon Hollow Subdivision. S. Joy, responding to a letter from the board, asked what he must do in order to have his permit extended. Board members were unsure of the exact procedure, and will determine whether any of the ‘09 and '10 amendments to the zoning by-laws apply to this subdivision. M. Jordan suggested that ¶D7 on p.30 of the June 2010 Amendments is applicable. Questions were raised as to the exact “official” expiration date of this permit April or August? A discussion followed. A motion was unanimously passed, to extend the permit to the date of the August meeting, 8/9. S. Joy asked whether the Town would permit the sale of one waterfront lot (at a price of between $110 - $130K), which funds would be deposited in a bank account controlled by “the Town” to insure that sufficient funds would be available for the proper construction and completion of the subdivision road (Pasture Way). D. Bamman said the Town is not set up to do something like that. Both J. Holt and J Gallagher believe it is a bad idea, and J. Holt asked S. Joy whether he has the financial capacity to complete the subdivision. S. Joy answered that he does, but does not want to borrow money “in this economy,” thus having to make monthly payments. He said this proposal was just a “trial balloon.” G. Donaldson reminded Board of the conditions under which Raccoon Hollow was approved; i.e., that all of Pasture Way was to be brought up to Code prior to the sale of any lots.
  2. Appeals Board Decision. J. Holt restated for the public, the sum and substance of the Appeals Board hearing, and decision to uphold the Planning Board's denial of Doug Gott and Sons Gravel Extraction Permit Application. A discussion followed regarding the applicability of the Comprehensive Plan in considering permit applications. There was no further Old Business.


There was no new business.


September 21 was set as the date to begin discussion of Ordinance Development.

The August Planning Board meeting was rescheduled from 8/03 to 8/10/10.


C. Tadema-Wielandt nominated G. Donaldson to be Chair, but he declined. Subsequently, J. Holt, was nominated and unanimously elected Chair -G. Donaldson was unanimously elected Vice Chair, and M.Garrett, was unanimously re-elected secretary, in absentia.

At 7:45p.m., the Board unanimously voted to adjourn