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Minutes from Workshop Meeting - October 23, 2012

Planning Board Members

Present: Holt, Bamman, Gallagher, Donaldson, Tadema-Wielandt, Weber (alt.) Absent: Fowler (alt.)

Code Enforcement Officer Present: M. Jordan

Members of the Public Tony Beardsley, Town Attorney

  1. Chair Holt called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. - As this was not a regular monthly meeting, the Board did not address minutes, Code Enforcement Officer's Report, or other routine business.
  2. Holt moved (Tadema-Wielandt) to have the Board go into Executive Session to discuss with the Town Attorney matters pertaining to a request from Harold MacQuinn Inc. attorney that J. Holt recuse himself from the Board's consideration of Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Site Plan Review Application, “Expansion of Kittredge Pit” (Map 3 Lots 31 and 33) and Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Gravel Permit Application, “Expansion of Kittredge Pit” (Map 3 Lots 31 and 33), now pending before the Board. Vote: 5-0 in support.
  3. Holt moved (Gallagher) to conclude the Board's Executive Session at 7:26 p.m. Vote: 5-0 in support. No action required or taken on the discussion held in Executive Session. D. Bamman reported on his conversation with Maine Municipal Association. The lawyer he spoke with there noted that bias or “the appearance of bias” would give the applicant greater cause to appeal the Board's decision; he counseled to Board to be “cautious” in this matter.
  4. Ordinance Matters - Discussion of the current draft of revisions to the Lamoine Gravel Ordinance. The Board marched through the draft making small alterations and discussing several remaining issues. Suggestions included:
    1. we consider introducing language requiring “rolling reclamation” similar to that in Hancock's ordinance;
    2. we consider referencing in Performance Standards, under Comprehensive Plan, the language in the Comprehensive Plan that suggests the incompatibility of residential uses and gravel pits;
    3. we seek more specific language to define and proscribe “protection of the value of property” as a “purpose”; see Cape Elizabeth case.

Gordon distributed a draft Cover Sheet for the GO Application. John will make changes and draft some language relating to a, b and c above. Gordon will send “Definitions” section to Board members for review.

  1. Adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gordon Donaldson, Secretary