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Minutes - August 4, 2015

Planning Board Members

            Present:  Holt, Fowler, Donaldson, Tadema-Wielandt, Bamman, Legere (alt.),  McMullen (alt.)

Code Enforcement Officer  Present: None

Members of the Public M. Jordan, S. Gabel-Richards

Members of the Press  None

1. Chair Holt called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

2. Consideration of Minutes of July 7, 2015

Tadema-Wielandt recommended adding to the description of R. McMullen’s “new” position “full” member.  Fowler (McMullen) moved to approve the minutes as amended.  Approved by vote of 5-0.

3. Code Enforcement Officer’s Report

Chair Holt announced that the Board of Selectmen have appointed interim CEO Millard Billings to be permanent, full-time CEO.

        a. Permits Issued – report accepted

            b. Enforcement Actions – report accepted

Chair Holt will query CEO Billings, via e-mail, about the 7/27 shoreland  zone violation. Bamman inquired whether Mr. Billings has a “background” in gravel pits. Chair Holt replied that Mr. Billings is CEO in Franklin, which has gravel pits.

c. Conditional Permits – report accepted.

4. Conservation Commission – No report.

5.  Old Business  (Alternate Board Member D. Legere arrived

a. Completeness Review of Gravel Permit Application – HORP Land, LLC,

    Map 7, Lots 13 & 24; Butler Pit (6.03 acres)

The applicant, and Planning Board Member, Perry Fowler recused himself from further participation as a member of the Planning Board. Chair Holt then appointed Alternate Board Member D. Legere to be a full and voting Board Member for consideration of this Application

The Board reviewed the Application for completeness  (See review checklist.) and determined, by votes of 5-0, that the Application is complete  except the following items needing correction or clarification: 

            1e. Zone is commercial, not development.

            1g. Deed needs second page (description).

            1i.  Need more information.

            2a1.Need smaller scale and lot lines.

            2a2.Need additional information.

            2a3.Need additional information.

            2a6.Need additional information via larger scale plan.

            3a.  Define on plan.

            3b.  Show GPS points.

            3c.  Add missing information.

            3d. Add to plan.

            4c.  Add to plan legend.

            4d.  Add to plan legend.

            4e.  Need boundary agreement with MacQuinn.

            4g.  Need dimensions of fuel pad.

            7.    Need ground (pit floor) elevation.

By a vote of 5-0. the application was found to be complete with the above noted conditions.

Subsequently, the Board agreed to a Site Visit on Wednesday, August 19, at 5 pm., and a Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 1, at 6:30 pm.

b. With regard to the Gott  commercial building permit (Map 3 lot 8), Chair Holt reported that the Select Board had denied the Planning Board’s request to consult with the Town’s Attorney(see attached memo), instead suggesting that the consultation be with the Maine Municipal Association (MMA). Chair Holt posed the Planning Board’s questions to the MMA in a comprehensive written memo(attached), and received, what Chair Holt described as a less than comprehensive response(attached).

c. Chair Holt reported that in response to his query to CEO Billings about the state of the J. Jordan Pit (Map 7 lot 16) there were still substantial, unanswered questions. Furthermore, it was posited that the Gravel Ordinance’s threshold of the removal of 500(soon to be 1000) cubic yards of Gravel (Section 6) was not an annual amount, but rather a lifetime amount. A discussion ensued with regard to the need to clarify the above issue in the proposed Gravel Ordinance Amendment.

6. New Business 

a.  A proposal to replace various equipment on the existing mobile phone tower on land leased from the Town (Map 3 lot 1) was deemed to be of no interest to, and required no action by, the Planning Board.

7. Other Public Matters  - None

8.  Ordinance Matters

a. Gravel Ordinance

There was discussion of a proposal to change the required buffers in the proposed Gravel Ordinance to those in effect at the time of permit approval, or application with subsequent approval(grandfathered), prior to March 13, 2013.

b. D. Legere asked about the vote of 5-0 at the June 2013 meeting as to the receipt of the Easement f/b/o Doug Gott & Sons in connection with the commercial building permit for Map 3 lot 8, and was assured by the Chair, that the vote had indeed been 5-0.

c. D. Legere further refuted rumors that he had been involved in opposition to the appointment of R. McMullen to the Board.

9. Next Meetings:

To be determined in light of the CEOs unavailability on the Boards current monthly meeting day.

10.  Adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. D. Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary